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Philimination, Where Is Thy Sting?

The Geeks take a little break on the cargo net as Terence and Sarah catch up with them. As they pass, Sarah calls out, "Can you believe we're doing this?" Terence bellows at her, "You can't climb and talk! I can!" She mutters a complaint, and he says to the Geeks, "I'm gonna talk while she climbs. This is really amazing, guys! This is what she would say, she's really happy to be part of our team." And this is the moment where Terence and Sarah get promoted to third place, instead of the ropes giving way under Terence's feet. Although far be it from me to wish him a sticky end on the pavement below. I'd just be satisfied with a catastrophic tangling, resulting in a severe jaw injury that prevents him from talking for the rest of the race.

Nick and Starr arrive at the Pit Stop where Phil is waiting with a young boy who's juggling papayas or something. They, of course, are team number one, and Travelocity is sending them to Belize. He asks them what makes them a force to be reckoned with, and Nick says it's their relationship. Meanwhile, Terence and Sarah and the Geeks get their clues at the bottom of the net, and Ken and Tina arrive at the Pit Stop in second place. They're happy to be there. Although I'm sure they could have done better, if only Ken had been willing to cheat.

So let's catch up with the group from the second flight. The Frat Boys' cabbie is missing turns and coming around again, so Toni and Dallas are able to get to the clue box before them, closely followed by Aja/Ty, and Marisa/Brooke. The Frat Boys finally get out of their cab to jog the rest of the way the churchyard clue box, and, having seen the three teams leaving right ahead of them, quickly determine from reading the clue that "Only three teams may be on the cargo net at a time." So they figure they're stuck with Hard Way Up, whether they like it or not.

Kelly and Christy head down the cargo net in fifth place, as Terence and Sarah arrive at the mat in third. Stephanie/Anthony and Arthur/Anita arrive at the clue box last but separately, and both teams decide to go with the cargo net.

Kelly and Christy are about halfway down when Toni and Dallas start down the net. Toni interviews that he's always been an athlete, but this is her first chance to be on his team, so she's going to give it her all. These two are going to have to say something mean about each other some time soon or I'm done believing them.

Meanwhile, the Frat Boys have arrived at the staircase, and I'm glad that drum band up top isn't seeing their energetic performance go entirely to waste. Dan and Andrew begin to climb on their hands and knees. Which, of all the teams who are prepared to crawl up a flight of stairs, I think that they're probably the best suited.

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