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Philimination, Where Is Thy Sting?

Meanwhile, Toni/Dallas and Anthony/Stephanie are just disembarking from another shuttle. They spot Aja and Ty near the head of the line, and fall in far behind. Andrew/Dan and Marisa/Brooke (even their damn captions call them "Southern Belles," although I'm going to resist it as long as I can) arrive at the terminal as well. "There's no flags here," Dan complains, just as Mark and Bill receive their tickets far away. And Terence and Sarah run off the airport shuttle. Good call avoiding the freeway there, champs. You beat the traffic and two other teams. But at least they go straight to the right line, which effectively puts them back in third. There they introduce themselves to Mark/Bill and Tina/Ken, then wonder where everyone else is.

Meanwhile, Nick and Starr finally get off the shuttle, Nick quoting the clue aloud: "The marked counter." They spot the teams waiting at the wrong counter, just as Ty finds out from a ticket agent that he and Aja are at the wrong place. He takes off running, and it's a confusing dash as everyone follows. Nick and Starr end up fourth in line behind Terence and Sarah, effectively erasing their fumbling on the roads outside. The Frat Boys berate themselves for following like idiots. Uh, which time, dudes? You've had two chances to follow people and you took both of them. Finally the Hippies arrive, dead last, and the introductions continue as Tina waits for her and Ken's tickets. Far back in the line, Dan tries to look on the bright side, saying the flight they're not going to get on might be delayed in Florida. He generally acts like a big spazz, jabbering on about the reality of the airline industry. "I've worked in it," he says. "He hasn't worked in customer relations," Nick mutters to Starr. Hee! Right then is when I start kind of liking Nick and Starr.

Terence and Sarah end up on the first flight, as do Nick/Starr, Aja/Ty, and Kelly/Christy. Meanwhile, the laggers at the back of the line are already looking into the United flight, having learned that it's scheduled to arrive in Salvador three hours later. The Frat Boys hold out hope that they can still get on the American flight, and only Toni and Dallas are still waiting behind them. When the flight turns up full, Dan reacts like he's already been eliminated. It's going to be a long race for that kid, I can tell. And for me, as long as he's in it.

While waiting for their flight, Nick and Starr are already making their overtures to Ken and Tina to suggest a two-leg alliance. Ken tells the interview camera that an alliance with them is probably advantageous, while Tina glares over at him like, "I just bet you'd love an alliance with that little chickie, wouldn't you?" Ken needs to remember that "alliance" is not spelled with a "d" at the beginning.

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