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Philimination, Where Is Thy Sting?

In case you missed it, Phil tells us who's on each flight: The American flight, which arrives first, has Mark/Bill, Ken/Tina, Nick/Starr, Terence/Sarah, Aja/Ty, and Kelly/Christy. On the loser flight are Toni/Dallas, Andrew/Dan, Anita/Arthur, Marisa/Brooke, and Anthony/Stephanie. The Amazing Yellow Line simulates direct flights to Rio di Janeiro and São Paolo respectively, but the editors cut away before it can proceed thence to Salvador, which is up the coast some distance below South America's easternmost point. Phil tells us what they need to do when they land, which is to take a taxi to O Rei Do Pernil, a corner sandwich shop in the busy, narrow streets, and find their next clue. Well, it may not be a Del Taco on Santa Monica Boulevard to us, but to someone it is.

While changing planes in Rio, the lead teams learn that their connecting flight to Salvador is delayed. "Good for the United flight, they're back in the hunt," Ken says, as though angling for an NFL announcing gig once he gets back to Tampa. But the American flight lands in Salvador before we even check in with that other flight, so it couldn't make that much difference. There's a rush to taxis. "This is a perfect pace, I like this pace right now," Terence says to Sarah as they walk/run down the concourse. They hit the taxis in the following order: Mark and Bill (who comment that they've lost ninety minutes), Kelly and Christy (dressed for the gym in matching tank tops and spandex shorts), Terence and Sarah (the latter of whom appears to be fairly fluent in Portuguese), and Ken and Tina, the latter of whom is berating her husband, "You're supposed to know how to do Spanish." He doesn't point out that they speak Portuguese in Brazil, probably because he's not allowed to. Nick and Starr are in fifth, with Ty and Aja close behind.

"Obrigado," says one of the Geeks to their driver as they get out near the sandwich shop. What, are you telling me there are two Portuguese speakers in this crowd? What are the chances? That's like finding two people in one Survivor cast who know how to build a fire. Mark and Bill soon find where they're supposed to be and collect their clue. "Become a barista, old-school style," it reads. What that means is that teams have to choose one of the vending carts standing there, stacked to capacity with snacks, and then wheel it to Praca da Se, a nearby plaza. There, they'll give their cart to a guy named Indio, who will hand over their next clue. I'm really trying not to transcribe Phil's exact words here, but even when I don't it sounds like I am. Part of the magic of Phil, I guess.

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