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Now, a very dirty pair of Pointies are finished with the obstacle course and fetching their clue. They really did a good job with that, actually. They get on their way, just as the *lyns and *wins are finishing up. Here they are again, these two teams -- dragging behind, with the *wins in actual last place. In their cab, the Pointies are pleased to have beaten the *wins, and they want very badly to get to the train station in time to get the first train. "I didn't actually think that I was going to be able to carry you as easily as I did." And as soon as those words are out, you can almost see a tiny stick figure run out of Rob's mouth and start chasing them with a butterfly net, trying to get them back. "What, you think I'm fat?" she asks. I do sense enough of a sneaky smile on her face that I don't think she's at all serious, but he did walk right into that one. Poor Pointy. If only he had said something like, "I had no idea how light you are," which was basically what he's going to want to argue he meant, he might have gotten away with it.

On the way to the train station, the BQs pass the A(AM!)s. Back and forth! Forth and back! Which set of professionally photogenic individuals will prevail?

Back at Soupy, the *lyns are getting into a cab, as are the *wins.

Train station. The BQs go dashing into the station, followed closely by the A(AM!)s. It turns out that there's a train leaving in just a couple of minutes, so these teams are pushing to be on it. As they get the instructions to head for Platform 5, the Pointies pull up outside. BQs and A(AM!)s go running through the station, while Pointies walk up to the counter. The two lead teams get on the train. Rob and Kimberly purchase tickets. On the train, James speculates that some other team is probably running through the station yelling, "Stop the train!" And then we cut to Rob, running through the station yelling, "Hold the train!" Heh. Pretty damn close, I'll give James that one. But then we return to the train, which is... inching out of the station, so Crazy Rob is out of luck. The A(AM!)s and BQs are very excited that they got away without anyone else showing up, and back on the platform, Rob has decided that this was "a race-breaker." Not likely, absent piling onto it with other factors, Rob.

Commercials. I repeat: Ron Livingston!

When we return, the Pointies are still really bummed out about the departing train. He's all upset, and she's like, "We'll get on the next one." "Just let me have my moment!" he says, and it's kind of dramatic and hilarious, but it's also kind of... true. If they can both recognize that sometimes you have to just leave space for the freaking out, it's going to do them a world of good. I'm telling you, I think these kids could either break up horribly within the next two weeks, or they could totally get married and stay married. It's really close to being a really good relationship to my eye, even though they're not really the kind of people I hang out with, and I'm impressed at the way they seem to work at it. There are those who can make bickering work for them, after all, even if other people don't like being around for it.

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