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Finland, Finland, Finland

The A(AM!)s and BQs find their way to the limestone mine. They both find the property, but they both have trouble locating the marked door they're supposed to be looking for. James and Tyler find it first, and they hustle out of the car and up to the door. They get inside and are greeted by a local, as the BQs are still driving around asking people if they know how to find the right door. Inside, the boys are being placed on a tram, which basically looks like... sitting in some bleachers that then begin sinking into the earth. I think I've had that dream. By the time the BQs get inside, they are told that they'll have to wait, because there's only one tram.

Turku train station. The *lyns, the *wins, and the Pointies are hustling off the train for the drive to Lohja. The Pointies get away in their car first. The *lyns go ahead of the *wins, and it looks like the *wins are a little taken aback that the *lyns didn't hesitate so they could go together. Dude. It is too late for an alliance. That's craziness at this point. "Our style would have been to wait for them," Erwin says, a little peaked.

Tyler and James are descending, descending, descending into the deep, dark hole together. Hee hee. They get to the bottom (hee hee) and there is a Roadblock. As Phil explains, this task will require the Roadblocker to "immerse himself in the dark and claustrophobic world of the Finnish mining industry." That makes it sound kind of hardcore. Apparently, Finnish miners are in the habit of biking down into the mine, so that's how the Roadblock starts, too. Once the Roadblocker has biked down a mile or so, he or she will retrieve a heavy block of limestone, attach it to the bike, and come back up. Yes, back up the steep hill dragging a rock. Eep. At the top, they'll use a set of tools to break open the piece of limestone and take out a clue that's hidden inside, rolled up in a tube.

James announces to us that he's been waiting to do a great Roadblock that he could really knock out of the park, and he's "looking forward to the chance to step up." He just wants love, people. Love and acceptance. And for Tyler not to shake his head in that disappointed way, because it's heartbreaking. James straps on the helmet and heads down into the mine on the bike.

The tram has returned to the top of the mine, so the BQs are able to hop on now. And I must say that in their little hardhats, they look like... well, they look exactly like beauty queens touring a mine. They chat on the way down about how much David would have loved this, since he "spent all of his time down in a cave." Yeah, meaning he probably would love nothing more during the race than the chance to go down in another one. Who doesn't love a task that emulates the more unpleasant parts of his day job? "Wow, this task involves electrolysis! Dustin and Kandice will love that!"

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