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Finland, Finland, Finland

Rob and Kimberly are heading for the mine. They've got the *lyns right behind them, and the *wins right after that.

James gets to the bottom of the cave and looks around for the blocks of limestone. He finds himself one, and he straps it onto the back of the bike. He starts back up, all earnest and serious and desperate to impress. Just then, the BQs get to the clue box and read the clue. Kandice takes the Roadblock, and she embarrasses herself a little by initially asking whether she is supposed to put the bike helmet on over her hardhat. Oy. No, dear. She starts riding down. Meanwhile, James is walking the bike back up the hill, because it turns out that as much as riding the bike back up that steep slope isn't happening, riding the bike up that steep slope with a giant rock chained to it is happening even less, even for the strong types. At the top, Dustin wonders to Tyler what their respective partners are up to down in the mine. "Probably making out, huh?" she asks. They both laugh, because there is no way, and nobody really knows why, but there is no way, and I agree. It might be that James would be terrified of Kandice's teeth. I kind of think it's that, now that I think of it. As Kandice rides down the slope, she does run into James, but they exchange greetings and do not make out. "Coming up's a bitch," he warns her. He finally gets to the top, so he can unstrap the limestone and start the hammering. I swear, everything I say about this Roadblock sounds dirty, and I'm not even trying. After an obligatory reference to "hammer time," James indeed begins hammering.

Kandice retrieves the block of limestone from the bottom of the mine. James cracks his rock open (see?) and gets out the clue tube. It instructs them to drive to the Olympic Stadium in Helsinki. It does not say "the next pit stop." Phil explains that this is a 39-mile drive back into the city, where they'll find the stadium. Tyler and James take off after Tyler throws Dustin a high-five. When they're gone, it's time for Dustin to give a "yay," because here comes Kandice, dragging her bike up the hill. Dustin says that Kandice "made great time," and Kandice goes to work on the stone cracking. "Grab a pokey-thing," Dustin says smartly. Outside, Tyler and James take off in their car in search of the stadium. Before long, the BQs get their clue free, and they, too, are on their way.

The Pointies show up at the mine, but of course, now they have to find the right door. The *lyns, right behind, pronounce Rob to be "driving crazy," which I find a little funny, because it's kind of true. He goes one way as the *wins and *lyns go the other way. So somebody's wrong. Who is it? Well... before long, the *lyns are at the marked door, so they are clearly correct. The *wins are hot on their tails. And now... Rob is driving into the mine. Seriously. He's driving directly into what looks to be part of a mine. With his car. I kind of don't know what to say about that. I mean, it looks like there's a path for a mining vehicle to go in there, but what kind of a guy is like, "Hmm, do I take the right on the road, or should I take the left into the unending blackness?"

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