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As the *lyns and *wins descend, Lyn calls out, "Dave Junior, I'm going in the mine, yaaaay!", and she claps her hands. She's pretty cute, really, and it doesn't come off quite as obnoxious as it sounds from that description. It's the good kind of kindergarten delivery. The *wins clap along. Karlyn continues to scowl. Outside in their car, the Pointies are very confused. "We're out of it!" Rob declares, as a favor to the editors so that they can get into the commercial break.

Commercials. Control your urge to cough! Fight biology! Have no germs! Wear a bubble! You're unsanitary! Go bathe in disinfectant! Thank you.

Finally, when we come back, Rob and Kimberly find their way to the right door. They put on their helmets, but they have to wait. "Sure we do," Rob says, trying to sound cooperative but slowly going crazy in the best way.

BQs and A(AM!)s, on the way to Olympic Stadium. Eeee!

The *wins and *lyns open the Roadblock clue. Godwin and Karlyn are up. They carefully make their way down together, as Godwin continues to cheer for the "Six Pack." Which, it's safe to say, is a thing of the past. Meanwhile, the Pointies get the Roadblock clue, and Rob takes it. Elsewhere, at the bottom, Godwin is now basically praying to Dave for guidance. First Dave was dead, and now he has come back and is available to be prayed to. Is it Easter already? And then we watch Rob, in helmet-cam, with the bright light on his head and his scraggly beard, all, "ha-HA!", and it's really a little unsettling. As Godwin and Karlyn strap limestone onto their bikes, Godwin notes the proximity of Rob. Who, incidentally, is now whooping like a nut. "I'm coming for you!" he bellows. It's like The Shining, kind of. They start back up, and they pass Rob on his way down. Karlyn can't ride too far uphill, so she stops and walks the bike, but she tells Godwin to go ahead. Meanwhile, Rob loads up with rock. (Not dirty! Or criminal!)

Olympic Stadium. Tyler and James. While they are the first to pile out of their car, they run right past the door with the yellow and red flag on it. Good job, dudes. The BQs are close by, coming down the highway and approaching... their exit, or whatever. "We're within ten minutes of the pit stop," Dustin says, though there has been no mention of the pit stop, and then the proximity of "the sistas" is noted without lips moving again, and I'm getting kind of creeped out. That's a pretty loaded remark -- I'd rather be seeing it come out of her mouth every time, because context would be really important. I'm almost positive that the "I would really like the 'Bama girls to leave today" that follows is from the interview that aired along side the famous Ticket Joe Fiasco, and that makes me even more suspicious. I haven't heard too many accusations against this particular show of that kind of blatant misplacement of quotes in places where they have nothing to do with what's going on, and I'd hate to think they're starting now.

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