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Godwin and Karlyn are both walking their bikes uphill. "This is definitely a perfect example of an uphill battle," Karlyn pants. Heh. Godwin emerges from the darkness, so he can start working on the limestone. Karlyn is persevering, but she does get passed by Rob, unsurprisingly. All three of these people wind up finishing pretty close to each other, so they're all hitting with their hammers at the same time. Godwin retrieves the clue first, so they're off toward Olympic Stadium. Rob gets his clue out next, so he's heading for the tram as well. Karlyn is only slightly behind, but she and Lyn catch up as the *wins and Pointies are getting on the tram, so they'll all be going up together. Some believed that the *wins delayed to let the *lyns get there; I didn't see it.

Having missed the door they were supposed to go in, Tyler and James are now inside the stadium, standing on the field, unable to figure out what the hell is going on. They're looking for a flag, but they know this doesn't seem right. Meanwhile, the BQs are recruiting a local to lead them to Olympic Stadium. And while I'm not saying that their looks are the only reason they do well with things like this -- they are also very polite and friendly -- this is a good example of where I think anyone who has studied this sort of thing would tell you that if they and, for instance, the *lyns behaved in exactly the same way, it would be the BQs who would get more help. Way of the world. Not their fault by any means, but... way of the world.

Speaking of the *lyns, they are now in their car on the way to the stadium. Behind them are the Pointies, then the *wins. Rob is telling Kimberly that this will be the pit stop. Why don't they catch on? This isn't new, you know?

James and Tyler have backtracked to outside the stadium again, and now they see the door that they were supposed to see the first time. It's good that at least they didn't just keep walking around inside. When they go in that door, they find the clue box, and they pull out a clue. And what does the clue say? It says to go to the top of the 236-foot tower, where they will have to perform what Phil calls "one last task." James and Tyler pile into the elevator. Tyler can't believe how long they wasted time inside the stadium.

The BQs are pissed off because their guide won't make a right on red. Great. The guy is feeding the pit stop to you, and you're trying to get him a ticket. Boo!

At the top of the tower, Tyler and James learn that they will be rappelling down the side of the tower face-first. So you want to walk down the side like Spider-Man. James assures us that he would be "freaked out" if he were going first. James, you see, does not like heights. Tyler, on the other hand, tips out and starts walking down the side, even laughing like Woody Woodpecker at times. "I'm so scared," James murmurs. Downstairs, the BQs are pulling up and finding the flag that the A(AM!)s missed. Tyler floats down the side of the building and comments that this task will not be a good one for his heights-fearing partner. Back at the top, it's time for James to conquer his fears, and Tyler is sure that James won't let the team down.

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