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3:55 AM. Indeed, Lyn and Karlyn, only an hour or so ahead of the departure time for the flight to Johannesburg, leave the pit stop. Karlyn points out that she's wearing Dave's hat, so Mary and Dave are there "in spirit." Again: apparently dead. Last week's ending was much more moving than I had realized, it seems. Karlyn insists that there is still an alliance between them and the *wins, even after the departure of Dave and Mary.

At the airport, the lead teams are being ticketed for Johannesburg. The *wins have just nailed down their tickets when the *lyns walk into the airport, so the guys call them over and explain about the route via Johannesburg and Frankfurt. They caution that it's probably too late to get on, but Godwin directs them to the right counter anyway. Sure enough, at the counter, they get the bad news that "check-in is closed." The other teams board the flight, and there is consensus that the *lyns will not make it. Back at the counter, the lady says, "The flight is... ," and she sends her arm up in the international symbol for "taking off right this minute." She calls over another guy, though, who immediately says that it's just too late to get on the flight. As you have probably learned, people never get on flights at the last minute until they have first been denied three times, very much like Jesus. But unlike Peter, the airport agents have their usual last-minute change of heart, and suddenly, the guy is telling Lyn and Karlyn to "give her your names." Fortunately, Karlyn did not choose to negotiate this one using the "I hope you can live with yourself" strategy that worked so well for her last time she had to deal with a ticket agent. Instead, she talks to the camera about how "appreciative" she and Lyn are of the cooperation. Somewhere, Ticket Joe is like, "Oh my God, now you're appreciative?"

As they walk out to the plane, Lyn comments that they only arrived ten minutes before takeoff, so they're pretty pleased that they were able to get on. I would think so. You're not doing that at Dulles, dude. Predictably, as they board the flight, there are some pretty surprised people looking up at them. Godwin manages to look pleased, because he is part of The Amazing Non-Competitive Race, but nobody else does. Erwin takes a shot at grabbing the Magic Hat Of Dave away from Karlyn, but Karlyn giggles and clutches it closer to her. The AYL explains that the teams are flying to Johannesburg, then Addis Ababa, then Frankfurt, and then Helsinki. That is a long day of flying, y'all.

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