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Anyway, the *lyns start out asking the guy at the front of the line, but he politely directs them to the back of the line. He does it again. They ignore him. They approach the taxi simultaneously with the guy who's been standing in line for it, and although he goes so far as to put his hand on the door handle, they basically block him with their bodies and get into his taxi. That's just about the rudest thing I've seen done to a completely uninvolved local in the whole time I've been watching this show. Yeah, people yell at cab drivers, but basically forcing a guy who has nothing to do with the race and isn't in the business of providing any kind of service to shove you out of the way if he doesn't want to give up his taxi? That's bullshit, and the fact that she pulled this after being such a big baby about it when other teams even arguably jumped in line just makes it ridiculous. It's worse, not better, to hop in front of people who aren't playing, Karlyn. In the taxi, they assure us that it's okay, because it's a race. I'm sure the guy whose cab they just stole, who may have been on the way to an appointment of his own, totally cares. "It's a race" applies to people who are also in the race, lady. It doesn't apply to acting like a dick to people who have nothing to do with the competition and never signed on for it. Competition-based passes for acts that would otherwise be considered pushy are based on mutual consent, you know? Poor guy who didn't get his cab. He probably hates us all now.

Meanwhile, back in line, the *wins are busy, as they often are, being proud of themselves for being so chock-full of integrity. "Being polite sucks sometimes," Godwin snots. And... look, I understand how he feels, but you just... can't say that shit. It basically boils down to "it's not easy to be as great as I am," and it's never going to sound good.

Commercials. You know what would make Cheez-Its more awesome? If they came in a spray can.

We return to find the BQs and A(AM!)s hunting for Soupy and mispronouncing it egregiously. The BQs get there first, and they start hunting for the "marked field" discussed in their clue. The A(AM!)s are close, and we wind up with both the teams running at the same time. By the time they get to the clue box, the A(AM!)s have almost, but not quite, caught up. The two teams pull a Detour the offers the choices Swamp This and Swamp That. Not very creative, Challenge-Naming Professionals. You might as well call them "Swamp 1" and "Swamp 2." The clever names are usually awful, but somehow, when they're gone, I kind of miss them. Phil stands waist-deep in mud in a pair of plastic overalls as he explains that here, you are choosing between "two messy games," both of which are used as off-season activities for Finnish athletes. Who apparently don't have elliptical trainers or weights, because if they did, I don't know why they would be doing this. In Swamp This, you cross-country ski a mile through the mud. In Swamp That, you go through an obstacle course in which, among other things, one person has to carry the other for part of the way. Oh, and as Phil gives the explanations, a dude jumps in the mud and splashes him. No putting your dirty self on the kiwi! Heh-heh.

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