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Finland, Finland, Finland

The BQs want the skiing, and the A(AM!)s want the obstacle course. The teams take off together for the starting lines, which are basically next to each other in the same field, headed for the same clue box. This is going to be a lot of pretty people getting filthy at the same time. Score!

Meanwhile, the *wins finally get a cab. Whew! Good thing being polite didn't suck any more. They ask the driver for Soupy, and Erwin hauls out a word of Finnish to thank him. Good on you, Erwin. When your brother is talking up your awesomeness like it's a cross to bear, it's good to at least display some. Rob and Kim, however, have been driven to the wrong school, so that's not going to help them very much. This is the episode, incidentally, where they spend a lot of time not where they mean to be.

The *lyns arrive at the clue box, and when they see that the obstacle course involves one person carrying the other, they immediately conclude that this option is not for them. Heh. I feel you, ladies. Elsewhere, the Pointies get directions to Soupy from what appears to be a kid on break from youth soccer camp.

So the BQs put their skis on, and James and Tyler start through the mud. They swing on ropes. One of the BQs notes that she's skied all of one time in her entire life. They're initially happy that no one else is there, but in fact, just at this point, the *lyns are approaching to put on the very same skis. "The sistas," say the captions and someone's voice, not connected to anyone's mouth moving. I am suspicious of this. The BQs take off, if by "take off," you mean "start skiing gingerly." The *lyns gamely put on their skis, despite also not having a lot of prior ski experience.

Now, we are back to the Pointies, who are finally arriving at Soupy at the same time as the *wins.

Tyler crawls through the mud. The BQs keep skiing, as do the *lyns. James and Tyler have to climb up and over a wall, and Tyler winds up standing on top of it and then jumping off. He goes in almost waist-deep, and James follows. James, though, immediately has trouble hauling his leg out of the mud. Tyler grabs his hand. Aw! See how they support each other! It's a metaphor! And such a subtle one! Finally, they get hauled out. Meanwhile, Dustin and Kandice also have to go over a sort of a fence with deep mud on the other side, so they peel off their skis and climb over. Dustin gets over and hops down with a gymnast's landing, which she tries to "stick," but she puts her butt down a little too much and winds up sitting. "It's going to look like I pooped my pants," she whines. Wow. Not unless you have some very bad habits indeed, sweetheart. "Make it pretty, make it pretty," Dustin calls out to Kandice, who indeed completes an annoyingly neat jump over the wall. She will be free of pants-pooping gossipmongers and the damage they can do.

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