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Jet and Cord are the latest team to reach the wrong Taittinger, and get told to go to Pierry instead. In their post-leg interview, they're looking at the bright side: "People pay thousands of dollars to get a tour that we had today," Cord says. "No. We did it for free. We had a Mercedes." "And all day," Jet adds. Back in the car, Cord says, "Second time today we went to he wrong town. So...getting used to it." Just the mild way he says that is hilarious.

Dan and Jordan have reached the right Taittinger in second place. They're doing Tower. They go into a warehouse where a string quartet is playing and begin unboxing champagne glasses. "I personally believe that when you have a luck challenge and a skill challenge you always pick the skill," Jordan says as he begins lining up the glasses. He certainly has every right to believe that. "I think we have seen a couple of champagne towers in our day at bar- and bat-mitzvahs that we've been to," he adds. Seeing and doing are two different things, though. Which is why the race has stopped staging "challenges" like riding in cars.

Carol and Brandy reach the right Taittinger the first time, in third place, and choose Terra. "We just have to pick some grapes?" Carol says. Of course, when they get a load of the acres of vineyard staring back at them, it's a different story. "I mean, there's very few grapes, I supposed that's the good news," Carol says. She's getting really good at coming up with reasons for Brandy not to lose her shit.

Michael and Louie pull up outside L'Orrca. They're so happy to see Phil that even the man standing next to him, a cadaverous-looking mime holding a sign reading "Welcome to Champagne-Ardenne," can't dampen their spirits. He bows to them, and apparently the mime thing is catching, because Phil just pops an eyebrow at them and raises one finger. They're beyond thrilled to have won yet another leg, especially when they learn that they've finally won one of those trips rather than TVs and gift cards. Enjoy Cancun, Detectives. Michael interviews that Europe has been fun. "I wish I had this attitude in South America, maybe we would have did better in the first couple legs. But we're feeling good now." Good that their trip is to another Spanish-speaking country, then.

Caite is out on foot, asking people where Taittinger La Marquetterie is while Brent follows along in the car. Nobody seems to know. Or word has gotten out that there are swarms of Americans shuttling between Taittingers today and they don't want to add to the confusion.

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