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Carol and Brandy are reading the mime's greeting. "And in the spirit of the mime," Phil says, "I will say that you are team number..." and he holds up two fingers. They're jubilant at their highest ranking yet. "I have welcomed some very strong all-female teams to the mat in the past," Phil says, and asks if they're going to win. No pressure or anything. Brandy doesn't want to jinx it, but yes, she thinks they're going to win. Good thing she didn't jinx it.

Steve finds a flagged grape cluster. "If we could read maps, we could kick ass," he says. Handing their grapes to the foreman, he jokingly asks, "Are you a mechanic?" No, but he has their clue, and they're on their way, even if they're not going to score another second-place finish this time.

Jordan and Jeff are the last team to reach the wrong Taittinger, and find out they need to be in Pierry. "Jeff, what are the chances, jeez," Jordan says as she gets in the back seat so he can drive.

Turns out the chances are exactly four in seven, because Brent and Caite have somehow reached the right place on the first try, making them one of only three teams to do so. Brent makes the case that they should do the search, lest the glasses fall and break. We get a glimpse of the brothers, whose pyramid of glasses is now ten levels high. Caite goes along with it, but doesn't hesitate to complain about it to her cameraman while Brent searches off in the distance. "I think looking for something in about two acres is absolutely stupid," she carps. Not to nitpick, and this isn't something I knew myself without looking it up, but the area they're searching is not two acres. Its 247.105381 acres. So cheer up, Caite!

Dan and Jordan's pyramid now comes to a point at one glass up top, but it's only twelve levels high. Jordan says there's not a way to make a perfect pyramid with the number of glasses they have. "We're missing the way," Dan insists, correctly. Jordan suggests building the last three levels by sticking the last three directly on top of each other. Sounds precarious, but in the world where Jordan lives, anything is possible. "Ugh, here we go," Dan says doubtfully.

Jet and Cord reach the winery, and opt for looking for grapes. "I got a shaky hand," Cord interviews. They and Miss Team USA spot each other in the field, at a distance where the only way one team could identify the other would be if one of them were wearing incongruously gigantic cowboy hats.

Steve and Allie reach the mat in third place. They hug, and Steve tells Phil, "I have a car out there that I hope you guys insured." Phil looks a little worried and Allie grimaces nervously. They look like a couple of siblings telling their dad they crashed the car, and Phil? Looks a bit like the dad.

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