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Jordan and Jeff are at least in the right town now. Although they seem to be just sitting there parked, waiting for the next clue to be dropped into their laps.

Brent and Caite are trying to get their last glass in place, and Brent warns that it won't hold. It does slip into one of those wide, foursquare gaps, but they catch it before any damage is done. I told you!" Brent bitches at her. And then he has the nerve to interview, "You have to have patience to date Caite, because she'll wear you thin sometimes," while she grins up at him adoringly instead of mirroring his sentiment. Now that they're done building, it's time to start pouring. Caite warns him not to pour too fast. He's keeping it to a careful trickle when the top glass topples, triggering a spreading cascade of falling glass that takes out an entire side of their pyramid. Which also looks cool, but not in a way they wanted to see.

After the break, we get to see it again, and Brent interviews, "It was like my heart hitting the floor." He decides they're looking for grapes now. "Calm down, we did our best," Caite tells him as they head out into the vineyard in the fading light. Oh, man, this isn't something you want to be doing after sunset.

Jordan and Jeff arrive outside and are thrilled to see one other car still there. "It's a race to the finish!" Jeff declares. It's a race for last, is what it is. I don't believe the Think Tank alliance is much longer for this race. They take a look through the gates at Terra, but seeing another team out there, Jeff thinks they should try the other task, on some kind of shaky, half-thought-out, Big Brother logic. They start building the glass pyramid, even though. Jordan's never seen one before.

Dan and he-Jordan reach the mat as team number five. Dan does not look thrilled as they high-ten. And who could blame him, after being in first place for any number of minutes?

Caite is philosophical as she and Brent trudge through the vineyard: "We came in here without a million dollars, doing perfectly fine, we can leave without a million dollars." Brent is less philosophical: "Can you walk a little bit faster?"

Building the tower, Jeff is confident they can catch up to the other team. Jordan says, "Yeah." Out in the vineyard, Caite finds a flagged grape bunch, and even this doesn't make Brent happy. "We should have stayed with this!" he yells at her. She starts apologizing. Meanwhile, Jeff is telling Jordan, "It doesn't have to be perfect... we just have to get up high." That theory's about to be tested. Caite continues apologizing as Brent starts detaching the grape bunch from the post.

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