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Michael and Louie are in the tourist office asking for directions to the Joan of Arc statue, and are directed to the square they're currently right off of. It's also the same square Jet and Cord are approaching, on the quite solid logic that people put statues in squares. They get out and run along the sidewalk, dodging dog crap. They're suitably impressed by the size of the cathedral, and find the saw player doing her thing in the statue's shadow. They get their clue in second place as the Detectives are arriving. After reading their clue, Cord interviews, "You know there's a town about forty kilometers down the road named Champagne?" Why no, I didn't. Any particular reason you bring it up? They're already on there way there, while the Detectives return to the tourism office. You know, to get directions so they don't end up in the wrong place or anything.

Dan and Jordan are jogging up to the statue of Joan of Arc on her horse, Jordan informing Dan in a scholarly way, "That's how she's most often depicted." Yes, that and on fire. They get their clue, and Jordan thanks Joan expansively before running off towards a sign that Dan asks Jordan to translate for him. "Office de tourism," Jordan guesses, which is quite a leap given that it reads "Office De Tourisme.<.i>" Inside, they find the Detectives. Hugs all around before they get back down to the business of directions. On the road to Épernay, Jordan babbles about champagne. "Is it like wine and then you just add, like, club soda?" I don't know; try mixing some up and tell me what it tastes like. I wouldn't want to waste the club soda.

Carol and Brandy get their clue next, "currently in fifth place," and run off singing about champagne. Their new French neighbors are going to love them.

Jordan and Jeff are leaving at -- get this -- 10:28 AM, almost three hours behind the leaders. I do like how there hasn't been a lot of flying so far this season. It not only cuts down on the boring airport stuff, it really reduces the bunching that comes from everyone having to leave on the same flight that always seems to take off more than twelve hours after the first team leaves the Pit Stop. Of course the downside of that, at least for Jordan and Jeff, is that they still haven't recovered from that detour to the sticks of Hamburg two legs ago, and the only reason they're still in the race at all is because of the non-elimination in that leg and the U-Turn in the one after it. "We got some catching up to do," Jeff understates. Before starting out, he says they're there for a reason. "We have to take advantage of that reason, try as hard as we can, and we'll catch up." Apparently he is unaware that this reason is our own mean-spirited entertainment. In the car, Jordan drives as she plumbs the depths of her historical knowledge and recalls everything she knows about Joan of Arc: "He carried all the animals." Jeff laughs at her, as he should, and adds, "I wonder why we're in last?" Jordan's at least willing to laugh at herself, unlike some people. You'll see what I mean by that later.

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