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Barbarians at the gate

Here come AirSteve and Dave, ambling up to the pit stop, undoubtedly convinced of their doom as usual. Welcome, AirSteve and Dave, you are team number eight. Wait, they're not Philminated! Then who is?

Ohhhh, right. Josh and DadSteve, who are back at the rappel even as it starts to get dark. I have no idea what happened to them, but they apparently got extremely lost somewhere, either before the lighthouse or between the lighthouse and the mountain. Perhaps both. Josh voices over that his dad is his hero, and "an outstanding guy." DadSteve -- very much to his credit, I think -- says that he specifically came on the show wanting not to be too controlling, because he knew that Josh wanted to come in order to prove something to him, so he wanted to make sure he gave Josh an opportunity to prove it. I think that's actually quite astute, and is a very good read of Josh. They run up to the pit stop, and they are Philiminated, but they look to be all right. "He's a good kid," DadSteve says, putting his arm around Josh. Josh, suddenly looking impossibly young, says, "He got us through a lot." Josh talks in an interview about how much he learned from the race, and how it made him see things differently, and how you see your partner differently -- hey, I'm psychic. I said that last week. Josh says on the mat that he would have liked to go further, but he feels good about what they did. Josh and DadSteve hug. Aw. That was weird, with the way they vanished, and the way we didn't really find out what happened to them, but it was a nice ending for them. I have a feeling Josh is the kid I would have hated in high school but liked a lot better at the reunion. Possibly.

Executive Producer? Jerry Bruckheimer.

Next week: Chuck and Millie bicker, but don't worry -- they could go twelve years without getting to the point. Jaree and Tian fight, again, some more. A pile of animal poop is involved. Of course, that assumes that the things that appear to happen in the preview will actually happen on the show, and that is never a safe assumption.

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