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We return to Nate and Jen, who are still having a wonderful time traveling together on their personal Love Boat. Specifically, Jen tells him that he should be a "gentleman" and simply ask her nicely to row a different way. "Hey, how about you just paddle and we stop discussing this?" he says instead.

Kynt and Vyxsin zip from the roof to the tower clutching their pink cowboy hats. Wouldn't want to lose those. They'll have nothing to wear for Hello Kitty Line-Dancing Night at the totally Goth clubs where they totally hang out! They read the Detour clue, and he thinks the rappelling seems like it will go faster.

Meanwhile, out in Ron and Christina's boat, Ron sees Nate and Jen, and Chris comments that Nate and Jen "really want first" (I guess the news is out), but she and her dad are going to get it. Speaking of Nate and Jen, she whines, "Why aren't you paddling?" (They're paddling it like a canoe...incorrectly.) He says, pretty much matching her whiny tone, "Because every time I paddle --" She cuts him off with, "WHY ARE YOU YELLING AT ME?" Oh my God, sister, calm down, seriously. They bicker about the paddling, and he's saying, "Just keep going, please," and she comes back with -- don't miss this one -- "I hate you. I hate you." "Man, Jen," he says ruefully. "This is so bad," she says. "I'm never going to be with you ever again. I hate you with a passion." He puts his head down and rubs the back of his neck. BREEEEAK UUUUUP ALREEEEADY!

As Kynt and Vyxsin get ready to climb, he notes that the straps look "kinda hot." He's just trying way too hard. He comments to the camera, as she gets ready to rappel, that she has "a military father," so she's done "camping and climbing" with him. He's sure it will be no problem. She makes it down the wall.

"Come on, baby, we can do this," Nate encourages Jen. They're still paddling the boat totally wrong, but at least now they're moving.

Kynt rappels, while Vyxsin yells at him not to look down.

Ron and Chris, then Nate and Jen, pull up their boats at the end of the Detour. Nate gets out of the boat in a way that rocks it back and forth in the ankle-deep water a little too much for our Miss Jen, so she sarcastically snots, "Very graceful, Nate." Okay, now she's just looking for stuff. These two teams are both looking for the plaza where they have to finish, and Nate brings Jen up a ladder as a "shortcut" at one point. That's pretty bold. Could end in disaster, that. Although maybe he's thinking of throwing her off of it, in which case he may be cruel, but at least he's thinking.

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