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When we get back from commercials, the first thing we hear is Jen drawing in an extraordinary, wheezing, asthmatic breath and then moaning, "I am so miserable!" This is where he tries "it's okay" and she "it's not okay"s. He tells her to stop crying, pointing out that it's pretty stupid to wind up crying because you can't immediately get a cab. Nate stops and leans in to talk to a dude, asking him whether he's a taxi. He's not. They ask whether he can give them a ride anyway. Now I don't know about you, but I don't think "take a taxi" and "get a ride" are the same thing. Let's wait and see! In the car, Jen says that they couldn't get a taxi because they were wet. "Can you believe that?" she asks. "I believe it," he says simply. I guess they take taxi upholstery pretty seriously over there.

Kynt and Vyxsin are still navigating through town.

Hey, it's 2:39 PM, and here comes TK and Rachel's plane! They get a taxi to the fort.

Ron and Christina are at the pit stop, and as they run up some steps to the finish line, they pass some ceremonial locals forming a sort of honor guard (kind of), and just as they go by, one of them fires a hand cannon. It's a pretty startling noise, and it really makes people jump and scatter. It's not a very nice trick, and it has some tendency to cause panic. They are welcomed as team number one, and they receive a catamaran as a prize. Phil, unfortunately, returns to "Who's your daddy now?" Zoiks. Christina says that she and her dad are "living proof that success in The Amazing Race is about teamwork." Her dad sits stonily beside her. It's a nice world she lives in, but I don't know that I see it.

Nate and Jen pull up to the pit stop. They go up the stairs. BOOM! They step up on the mat. They're "the second team to arrive" (uh-oh on the wording, you guys!), but Phil informs them that they didn't take the proper form of transportation to the pit stop, so they have to go back. They don't look particularly surprised, and since they know that they're the second team, they don't even seem that upset, since it probably won't matter. "Make haste!" says Phil as they leave. Don't encourage them, Phil. Nate and Jen get in what looks like Ron and Christina's taxi to head back down to town. "To have this happen," Nate says in the car, "is just the cherry on top of the ice-cream sundae that's already melted." Nate, I don't see any ice-cream sundaes in your future. Literal, figurative, or porn-wise.

Kynt and Vyxsin reach the plaza at the end of all the navigating, so they're ready to get a cab to the pit stop.

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