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Elsewhere, TK and Rachel open the Roadblock clue. Rachel takes it, and when she's intimidated by the rock pile, TK tells her to "just enjoy the weather."

Nate and Jen are back at the end of the Detour, re-reading the clue, and Jen gets all snotty, saying, "Hurry, the last team to check in may be eliminated!" Hey, don't bitch, bitch. It wasn't their fault you didn't follow directions.

Rachel successfully fits the stone into the opening and is told it's "good work." They read the clue to go up to the roof.

And Nate and Jen finally get in a proper cab to the pit stop, as she moans that she "can't deal with any of this anymore." He looks not to be very glad that he brought her on the race, and I think she's in the running to become the first partner ever abandoned in a bad part of a town in Croatia after her partner says, "Wait, I have to go to the bathroom; I will be right back," and next calls her from Tokyo, like, "What happened? I thought you were right behind me, I swear!"

Kynt and Vyxsin reach the pit stop. BOOM! You are team number two! High-five! Like the totally dating couple you totally are!

TK and Rachel zip from roof to tower. They select the rappelling.

Nate and Jen run by the BOOM! again, which is a little bit funny, honestly, because this time, Jen just frowns more, because she forgot to brace herself for it. You can sort of tell she wants to punch the guy with the cannon. But they are team number three, and they shake hands. Phil notes that it's not the most affection he's ever seen. Jen says they're "both not happy with each other." In an interview, she says that whether they'll wind up together is "unpredictable," by which she means, "His probationary period is infinite, and therefore is not over yet."

Hey, here's another plane! It's Nick and Don! Though this time, they don't tell you what time it is, so I think they don't want you to know how much suspense there is or is not. In their cab, Nick tells us that this is the first time they've been completely separated from the other teams with no real clue where the hell they are -- though they probably know that the situation is not good.

Meanwhile, Rachel rappels, and TK very much enjoys watching her. He does the rappel also.

And now, Azaria and Hendekea land and get a cab. No timing on that, either.

Don takes the Roadblock.

Hendekea asks her driver whether any other "people like us" have come through the airport, and he breaks the news that lots and lots have already been by. Elsewhere, Nick is doing the "Come on Grandpa, it's a race!" thing. I think this is the first time I've heard "Grandpa" instead of "Don." It's cute. Nick explains in an interview that he thinks Don's approach to the Roadblock is "a little bit too methodical," in that he's carefully thinking over which stone to pick, rather than just trying them out as fast as he can. Don thinks he has it at one point, but he's denied. Apparently, his long career of odd jobs did not take him on a detour through masonry.

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