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Nick and Don pull their boat up by the flag and go to the plaza, where they grab the pit stop clue. Azaria and Hendekea aren't far behind. Don wants to go in a different direction to get the cab, and Nick is concerned. Azaria and Hendekea get the pit stop clue.

Nick and Don have now managed to get themselves confused looking for the place where they can get a cab. Azaria and Hendekea are looking, too. Nick and Don finally find a cab, and Nick narrates unnecessarily that they're "headed up to the pit stop right now." And then, Nick and Don's cab stops along the road to the stone cross, because some crazypants car is in the middle of the road or something. I believe that's a 1998 Chevy Contrivance. Hendekea tells Azaria, over in their cab, that they're "still in this." Finally, Nick and Don's traffic issue clears, and they head up. Cabs! Pit stop! "Oh my God!" And up the pit-stop steps come...Nick and Don! On the mat, they're smiling, and they seem pretty sure that Azaria and Hendekea didn't pass them, so they're not so shocked when they learn that they're team number five.

Here come Azaria and Hendekea. You are last, and, much to many people's surprise, you are eliminated. Hendekea says that they didn't really get beat; they beat themselves. Which is kind of true. In his closing interviews, Azaria makes a great show of the whole brother-as-drill-sergeant thing, sort of making it sound like he sees his function as challenging her, without much in the way of reciprocity. She tells us that she knows Azaria is "hard on [her]" because he wants her to achieve and be great and so forth. It's easier for me to digest when this comes from siblings than when it comes from romantic couples, but I always cringe at this "he yells at me because he loves me" stuff. He just seems to assume, as a starting point, that he's superior to her and in a position to educate her about how to be, and I don't really agree with him on that, but he's not a bad guy, I don't think. I hope he finds a way to relate to her differently as she gets a little older, because I'm thinking there's an expiration date on this routine. She does say that it's "brought [them] closer together," so that's nice. Now, they can go home to their chemicals and their beakers and everything they really love.

Executive Producer: Jerry Bruckheimer.

Next time (in two weeks, two days before Christmas, WHATEVER): Nick and Don have issues with the Fast Forward. Kynt screams like a pissy jackass -- saw that coming.

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