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1:01 AM. Kynt and Vyxsin. Okay, I know that they're marching to the beat of their own drummer and everything, but right now, they're marching to the beat of the Wyoming Little Miss Pageant's group-sing rendition of "Mamas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys," because what is up with the pink cowboy hats? Since when are pink cowboy hats Goth? That's more like Mardi Gras or, like, New Year's Eve in Madison, Wisconsin. And you know what the opposite of "Goth" is? It's "New Year's Eve in Madison, Wisconsin." Next up in Goth culture: silly string! They catch up with TK and Rachel, and Kynt wants to "go do some research." Maybe he's in the market for some rhinestone-studded spurs, or he's already laying in the green top hats for St. Patrick's Day.

In a cab, Rachel comments that Croatia sounds -- and I am quoting her thoughts on world culture directly here -- "bitchin'." TK tells us in an interview that they're "keeping a mellow head." I'll say. He says that being cool isn't strategy; it's just their way. In the words of Bob Dylan, "Be groovy or leave." And then Rachel says, "Croatia. Sounds like somewhere gymnasts come from or something." This is where I point out that if you created Rachel as a fictional character, and you wanted to capture her precise brand of bland, benign, friendly vapidity, you could do no better than the line, "Croatia sounds like somewhere gymnasts come from or something." Behind them, Kynt needles his cab driver to go faster to keep up. He interviews that he and Vyxsin are good at "encouraging each other." He tells us in the cab that they haven't managed a first-place finish yet, and we have one of those cuts to the cab driver that has no purpose other than to demonstrate that he doesn't give a rat's ass.

1:15 AM. Ron and Chris. She interviews that how they're doing in the race reflects how their relationship is doing, since they're using the race to improve their relationship. I think she underestimates the role of luck, but I know what she's going for. They decide to duck into a hotel and call for a reservation, rather than going to the airport to do the work. Ron asks the clerk to use the phone, and Chris points out that he should try being as nice to her as he is to strangers. Nice.

1:20 AM. Azaria and Hendekea. They seem really pumped about Croatia, as they seem about going almost anywhere. It's a nice quality. She interviews that Azaria can be "a control freak," and that she tends to trust that "he knows what he's doing." They get in a taxi.

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