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1:42 AM. Nick and Don. Nick, as usual, carries both bags as he and Don leave the mat. Don interviews that they're not thrilled about being in last place, so this has been a wake-up call...or maybe another wake-up call...that they need to keep moving. Apparently, Don has decided to pull it together and stop being old. (NB: Nick is wearing a "Country Is Not Pretty" Robbie Fulks T-shirt. If you investigate, you will find out why this is. All I can say is that everyone with any tangential relationship to "Fountains Of Wayne Hotline" is my friend, and I love it when I accidentally identify my natural allies.) Nick agrees in a mat interview that with so few teams left, it's not a winning strategy to just try not to mess up; you have to be a little more aggressive.

Ron and Chris arrive at the airport and find TK and Rachel and Azaria and Hendekea sleeping by the Czech Air office. Chris says in an interview that while they were glad to have the ticket they had, they weren't sure about it, so they lined up with everybody else, and had the third position. (Apparently, Kynt and Vyxsin have decided at this point to do something else.) TK notes that they don't seem very concerned about securing a spot in line. Nate and Jen arrive and are in fourth place, and Nick and Don are fifth. Elsewhere, Kynt and Vyxsin don't understand why everybody is lined up by Czech. "Why are they assuming that's the best?" Kynt asks. "'Cause they're sheep," Vyxsin says contemptuously, and there's the moment I was fearing, where it becomes clear that the "embrace the world" philosophy is hiding something not nearly as generous. Yes, everyone is a sheep. Everyone but you, because you have pink hair and you're so different and you wear funny hats and you hate it when people just go along with the crowd. It turns out to be the case all too often that this is where self-proclaimed "alternative" people are coming from, and...unfortunately, it's where they're coming from, too. Kynt interviews that their opinion is that the best option is to go to a travel agency office in the airport.

Sitting in line for Czech Air, Christina calls Hendekea and Azaria over and tells them that she has the number for Polish Air, and that she and her dad already have reservations. Chris interviews that this is the only team they "completely trust." She cautions Azaria that he'll need the country code in order to call. Azaria and Hendekea leave their spot in line and look for a phone to call Polish Air.

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