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TK explains that this was all really un-groovy, man, and they just "stuck to what [their] plan was" when the chaos began to swirl. He also points out to Christina back in the Czech Air line that everybody else bailed, so the team behind him and Rachel is now Nick and Don. Meanwhile, the guy who's trying to help Azaria and Hendekea call Poland (who just looks like...a random dude, so I'm not sure that's the best thing they could have done) tells them that the call won't go through. And now they've lost their spot with Czech Air as well. It looks like Azaria still wants to try to call Poland, and Hendekea just wants to get back to the line for the tickets they know should be there. They stand out on the floor of the airport and bicker, and he's all, "Don't give me the attitude" through his teeth, and that's not very good.

At last, the Czech Airlines lady shows up at the office, and she seems just a little overwhelmed by the line of people waiting outside the door (currently TK and Rachel, Nick and Don, and Ron and Christina). Meanwhile, over at the travel agency, Jen looks over and sees that the Czech Air counter just opened. TK and Rachel get a ticket on Czech Airlines, via Prague, leaving at 6:00 AM and arriving at 11:20 AM. Nate and Jen poke their heads in and learn that there are plenty of seats on that flight. Hey, look at that. They poked their heads in and asked a question, and nobody in line ahead of them freaked out and acted like a big baby about it, Kynt. Nate and Jen jump lines again and get in the back of this one.

And now, Azaria and Hendekea are back, and they're fighting, and in the course of this, he clearly implies that he does all the work on the team, so she shouldn't get a big head because he made one mistake and she was perhaps right about one thing one time. It's pretty brutal, in some ways. "One decision and you think you're all bad-ass," he says meanly, and given the way he talks to her (which is pretty shitty a lot of the time), I'm surprised that he doesn't hear how it sounds when he tries to flip this on her like this. I mean, it's obvious that he's just embarrassed about screwing up, and that's very human, but this is meaner than I would have anticipated he would be. She tries to take the position that now, he's taken them out of line and they're stuck with what he stuck them with and they'll move on, but he tells her that's not good enough -- she should be figuring out a way to get them out of it. "It" being...what he got them into. She chews on one finger, thinking, "Note to self: Next time people mention how Azaria's kind of an asshole, don't pretend to disagree." Christina tries to bail them out by asking them if they want to go over to the travel agency and see what the deal is over there. So basically, they're taking the spot that Nate and Jen just vacated at the back of the travel-agent line. They walk off.

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