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Davey and Margaretta are looking for a cab to El-Jem. They meet up with a guy who helps out by taking them to a car. Thanks, Helpful Guy! I sure hope this will turn out to be a good cab to be in! Margaretta is so grateful that she kisses him. Once they're on their way, they have a conversation centered around Davey's feeling of relief that they didn't spend big bucks at the kasbah shopping for cute stuff. Margaretta reiterates that she doesn't mind not being first, but she doesn't want to be last. I don't want her to be last, either.

Status update: Out in front are Team Shower-Fresh, Team Guido, and Momily. Teams in the middle are Team Ensure and Team Danza. Teams lagging are Rob and Brennan, Paul and Amie, and Lenny and Karyn.

As Paul and Amie leave the massage place, he comments that they ought to use oil for those massages. "They were rippin' my skin off," he says resentfully. "Really?" Amie asks, fantasizing about spending another hour on the table. "Mine was pretty nice." Heh.

Danza cab. Frank is giving Margarita some kind of very un-Frank-like pep talk as she stares wistfully out the window. She tells us that she's spending a lot of time thinking about her seventeen-month-old daughter, and that when she stops thinking about her daughter, she feels guilty later. She feels selfish for doing the race, but she wants the money for her daughter. Chin up, Margarita.

Paul and Amie debate taxi/train and settle on a taxi. Given that they're running behind from the massage break, this is probably a very good idea. In Cab Shower-Fresh, Kevin and Drew discuss whether Amie and Paul went for the Turkish Bath (which I think comes to their minds because Paul/Amie is the only team they didn't see at the coffee shop -- but it's possible they weren't referring to anyone in particular, but only to the possibility that someone took the massage). "It's their own fault," Drew scolds. "You saw what that was like in Midnight Express." Again, hee!

Lenny and Karyn and Rob and Brennan are boarding the train. As Rob and Brennan bid farewell to the Estrogen Brigade, they give a cheek-kiss, although the camera cuts away too fast to see whether it's a kiss-kiss. If it were, I might have to change my opinion of the lawyers entirely. The train pulls out of the station, and we're on our way to El-Jem.

Dave And Margaretta's Encounter With Disaster. The car they had, which was supposed to take them to El-Jem, unexpectedly stops, and they are handed off to another driver. Furthermore, the new driver doesn't want to take American money, and Team Ensure doesn't have any dinar. From what I've heard, refusal to take American money is unusual enough that this entire situation has "scam" written all over it, especially when the cab drivers claim not to know the exchange rate (come on, now). You stop, you strand people who really need to go somewhere, and then you try to get them to ridiculously overpay you in order to get you to take the only kind of money they have. It's a bummer, too, because all the other people we've met along the way (the Estrogen Brigade, the Love Posse, all the other cab drivers, et cetera) have been so nice. Anyway, Dave and Margaretta try a nearby bank, but it claims to be closed.

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