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Personal Dynamics A-Go-Go

Much hugging and talking. Frank wraps his arm around Margaretta as she instructs him as follows: "You hang in there for another forty years." Now that's grandmotherly advice, if ever there was some. She goes on to hug Rob and Brennan. Lenny kisses her. Everybody stands around for quite a while, laughing and talking. When it wasn't the week of tense standoffs, this was sort of the week of unexpected niceness. Go figure.

Executive Producer? Jerry Bruckheimer.

Next week: Sand. Sun. Spinning wheels. More freakin' Lenny/Karyn bickering of what appears to be EXACTLY the same kind they do every week. More Paul/Amie bickering, of what appears to be a slightly less self-destructive kind than they've been doing every week. Everyone seems to be going nowhere, which is a lot like trying to get customer service from my bank. Rob and Brennan seem to have some kind of difficulty, although past history with previews would suggest that means they're perfectly safe.

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