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Frank and Margarita finally get their taxi, so they at least can move their next round of whiny-ass complaining to a new location, even if they aren't likely to change the content much.

5:47 AM. Dave and Margaretta take off. "Hold this, love," Margaretta says, handing something to Davey while she opens the clue. (When the Boyfriend Hunt is over -- which it now appears will be sometime after The Amazing Race concludes, and possibly even after all of its contestants' grandchildren have graduated from college -- you will know, because I will say things like, "Hold this, love.") Davey thinks the flag is from Turkey. Wrong again, but really close. "David and I have been married for forty years," Margaretta explains in an interview. "We're just doing our normal thing. There's nothing on this trip that will make or break us." Watching them walk down the mountain, it's clear that she's right.

At Marseilles, Team Shower-Fresh runs into Team Danza. Drew has apparently met an Algerian woman who told him the flag is Algerian. Not! The Algerian flag has the same shapes, but instead of a red field, it has a green and white field. Quite different. She either doesn't know her flags so well, or she's jerking Drew around, and that would just be wrong. Margarita, meantime, has been speaking French with the locals (and man, oh, man, am I ready to see the French language vanish as a constant, unrelenting pain in the behind) and has been told that the flag they have is that of Tunisia (ding ding ding!). At first, the frat guys are skeptical, but eventually, they come around, essentially agreeing to follow Frank and Margarita onto the Tunisia boat, a step that will prove unnecessary as the crowd gathers.

6:47 AM. Paul and Amie. They tell us that they, too, ordered a cab the night before (making them not quite as dumb-as-dirt or non-strategic as they've seemed at other times), and they're expecting to encounter it at the bottom of the mountain. They take a few wrong turns, though, and have to wander for a minute, which brings us to…

6:48 AM. Lenny and Karyn. She tells us in an interview that after their argument in Paris, they had some kind of conversation about meeting each other halfway, but the footage of them in the cab looks grim indeed. Karyn says she thinks it's all going to make the relationship stronger. Cue nationwide eye-rolling.

6:49 AM. Nancy and Emily. Nancy tells us how happy she is that she and Em are being given the chance to bond through all this extravagant travel, which is a nice change from the first episode, in which it certainly appeared to many observers that they'd made a horrible mistake that would one day lead to separate Thanksgivings. Em agrees that it's all going pretty well.

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