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Team Ensure's driver clears up that the flag isn't from Turkey, it's from Tunisia. "We're going to Tunis?" Davey asks. "I didn't know that was Turkey. Turkey's not Tunisia." You know I love you, Davey, but…huh?

Paul and Amie are looking for a boat to Turkey. Man, these people are inept. I'm surprised they don't cook their clothes and dry-clean dinner.

Bill and Joe are getting the skinny on the flag, and I am not joking when I say this: Joe looks at the guy they're talking to and says, in English with a slight accent of indiscriminate origin, "This is Tunisian flag?" What the hell? I think everybody ate some funny mushrooms at the chateau last night.

Kevin waves down at Nancy and Emily from a high window as they arrive at the Port of Marseilles. Momily (tm somebody -- claim your tm and I'll get you next time) are trying to figure out how to get up to where he is. Nancy's voice says, "We are extremely fond of Kevin and Drew. Those two guys are just great. They're so good to us." Once the teams manage to meet up, Kevin greets Emily with a big hug. "Plenty of time, plenty of time," he reassures them as he curls an arm around Nancy and drops a kiss on top of her head. Kevin: "Nancy and Emily, they're like family at this point in time, and we've been with them since the very beginning. Drew and I have sort of adopted them as the mom and the little sister." Next, Drew's slightly more pragmatic view is heard: "We do have a motive helping them out. I'd rather have Nancy and Emily in the final leg than have to go against the attorneys, and Guidos…" I suspect both of these things -- affection and self-interest -- are at work.

Now we enter the Intrigue section of this episode. Margarita comments that alliances have already been made and broken (namely her own, as far as we know), and Kevin says that "you can't trust anybody." Rob says that although everybody is playing hard, people have to understand that this is a game. (DRINK!)

Commercials. Watch the Emmy Awards -- do it for your country. Um, yuck.

Back at Suspicion Central, a.k.a. the Port of Marseilles, the teams note that they are literally all in one place for the first time since the beginning. Rob bitches that you can build up a six- or seven-hour lead and then see it evaporate, and then goes on to say that there's "almost no use in being a better team." Two things: First of all, the bunching is inevitable when you're putting people on planes and trains and boats. It's a race, run under semi-real travel conditions, and planes and trains and boats only leave every so often. It's not an unfair cheat of the game; it's just how travel works. You want a bigger lead? Get farther ahead. Not far enough ahead to leave on the plane/train/boat that leaves before the one everybody else is on? Too bad. Second, he's completely wrong that there's "no point" in how you've done so far. Three teams have already been eliminated, and you're not one of them, silly boy. Take note: These teams may all be in the same room, but they are not tied. Some have a FF left. Some have alienated everyone. Some have become well-liked. Some have seen their relationships get stronger and have learned better ways of working together. Some have learned that they can't cooperate under stress. Most of all, they've all managed to avoid elimination. In an interview, Drew knows all this, but allows as how he's also bummed that their Fast Forward lead didn't last a little longer.

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