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So Spazpants? Is at the train station.

Inside, Gus and Hera narrowly miss the train carrying Kris and Jon and Hayden and Aaron. And then they are joined by Lena and Kristy and Spazpants. Those three teams board the next train.

Back at Ikea, Freddy is (heh) sitting in the bin as he finishes counting a load of stuffed animals. Kendra goes over to the supervisor. "Is it...2304?" The clue emerges. Kendra literally jumps for joy, and Freddy leans back in relief, hooting. Don and MJ and Lori and Bolo are despondent. As Freddy and Kendra leave, we return to Hornio. "Is it 2-3-0-4?" Rebecca asks. Clue! They hug. Don curses his existence. You know, silently. Bolo presents another wrong answer to the lady in charge of him. Don walks over to his lady. "Please," he says, "we're the oldest people in the..." She laughs good-naturedly. "It's got to be," he whispers, "2-0-9-7," he says, out of breath and miserable. "2-0-9-7," he repeats. "I'm sorry, no," she says. "It's mind-exhausting," says Lori, who is sitting elsewhere with Bolo. Don is beside himself. He rubs his head. "We're 40 years older than all the rest of them," he says. "I'm sorry," the woman says sympathetically. "2-0-9-8?" he says. "If I say it? 2-0-9-9?" She tells him no, and gestures back toward the stuff to recount. MJ calls out to him. "Is it wrong?" she says. "It's wrong," he says. They return to counting.

There were people who got an actual attempt to cheat from that scene, but I don't see it. The only time he says "please" is before he offers his answer. I thought he just was desperately hoping it would be right. "Please let this be right," not "Please give me the clue, even if it's not right." And when he started guessing, like it was an auction, I don't think he was at all trying to cheat; I think he was just trying to figure out whether you could do it that way. I mean, when she said he was wrong, he only mentioned being old in pursuit of starting to guess numbers, so I just didn't see anything nefarious there. It's just impossible for me to believe that anyone -- especially a team that just took a penalty -- would think they'd get away with getting the clue without saying the answer. There's a camera right there, and you're wired for sound the entire time. It's just not believable to me that he was trying to pull anything. The guy's just really tired.

Anyway, Bolo calls the whole thing "freaking ridiculous." He is miserable. And Don has his head down on the bin. He is not looking good at all.

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