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Elsewhere, Kris and Jon are on the bike, "just cruising in Stockholm." Hayden and Aaron are still behind, and she's still haranguing, but they're pedaling pretty well now. In fact, they come up beside Kris and Jon. Pedal, pedal, pedal. And then they pass Kris and Jon, and they immediately get a caption that says, "Currently in 1st Place," which I thought was pretty cute. I love the semi-snarky captioning. The teams remain very close, though, as they reach the field of hay bales and the clue box. Oh, but first? The Yield. Phil explains it, blah blah blah, you can make somebody stop and wait until the days of our lives pass, or what have you. There are only three Yields on the race this time, and you can only use it once and so forth. "They have to decide when it's most advantageous to use it." Feh. Hayden and Aaron and Kris and Jon both choose not to Yield anyone, and then they read the Roadblock clue, which says, "Who's got hay fever?" As Phil explains, the lucky winner of this Roadblock will have to unwrap and unroll hay bales until they find a clue that's rolled up in one. There are 270 hay bales and only 20 clues. You just have to keep unrolling bales until you find a clue.

Aaron and Jon both take the Roadblock. "Are we moving hay bales like strong man competeeshun?" Aaron asks in his Governor-of-Californian accent. Funny! Kris and Hayden root for their respective boys. When Jon finishes unrolling the bale and finds nothing, Kris asks him, "Do you have to roll another one, babe?" Already panting, he says, "Looks like it." Those thing weigh a lot, I think. Lena and Kristy said on TV that they weighed 200 pounds, so...yeesh. That will make you tired. For some reason, my unit of weight for large objects I have to move is 25-pound bags of dog food, and the idea of trying to roll eight of those rolled up is no fun, especially if it was poking me with hay bits the entire time.

The second train stops at Haggvik and Lena and Kristy, Spazpants, and Gus and Hera disembark.

Aaron unrolls another bale, and Hayden makes like he's not fast enough for her. "Honey, come on," she says impatiently. I think she uses "baby" when she's happy or sorry and "honey" when she's impatient. As Jon takes a bale apart, Kris laughs and says, "Nice work, baby, nice work." She is so cute. I think she and I should be cousins. I'll be the mean one, and she'll be the nice one, and no one will believe that we're related, but she'll know I secretly cry at Hallmark commercials and I'll know she secretly calls our aunt "Bossypants." That would be awesome. Anyway. Jon reaches down into the hay and produces...a clue! Go, My Favorite Team, Go! She runs out to hug him. "That sucked," he says. "It did," she agrees sympathetically. They laugh and read the clue, which says to go to the pit stop. Phil explains that said pit stop will be found by riding their bikes back to the station and then taking the train to Stockholm. There, they'll find a ship called the Af Chapman, and the pit stop will be at the boat. Phil does not say the last team to check in will be eliminated, or may be eliminated, or won't be eliminated, or anything at all. They're just screwing with us now, and good for them. I, for one, deserve it.

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