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Bale out

A happy (duh) Kris and Jon take off for the pit stop. Aaron then finds a clue also. "Hallelujah!" he yells.

At the Ikea of Misery, Lori and Bolo and MJ and Don frantically build their desks. Hornio gets off the train at Haggvik, and Rebecca remarks that it's starting to rain. They ride the tandem bike. Happily, he does not threaten to steer it onto any train tracks. Nuance gets off the next train. They pedal as well.

Lena and Kristy get to the Yield and don't yield anyone. Lena takes the Roadblock. As she starts in on her second bale, Kristy calls out, "You may have to go through several!" Oh...ow. Spazpants comes along, and Victoria takes the Roadblock. After, that is, pointing out, "We're not being Yielded, and no one's Yielding us." And also, no Yield is being applied to them, and they are proceeding without being subject to Yield. Gus takes the Roadblock for his team, no Yielding, blah blah blah. Interestingly, Victoria quickly gets herself badly out of breath. Jonathan berates her. She complains that she can't breathe.

Lena tears into another bale. "I have hay fever," she says. "And my hands are cut, from the hay and this stuff that they seal it with." Gus rolls a bale past Victoria, who's going the other direction, still wearing her bike helmet. In case, you know, she falls on some hay. "This is a rough one," Hera chuckles sympathetically.

At Haggvik, My Favorite Team and Hayden and Aaron are catching the train. "That...sucked," says Kris of the Roadblock. Indeed.

At Ikea, Lori and Bolo finish up their desk. They have it inspected, and it is pronounced "Good." The Swedes are so effusive. They get their clue, as Don and MJ struggle with the last parts of their assembly. Lori and Bolo leave in eighth place after, I believe, Bolo mentions that they've been at the Detour for five hours. "How can we be the last people?" MJ laments. "I can't believe it." Uh, I can.

Commercials. Shut up, Sprint Guy. It's Christmas. Stop whining.

We zoom back to Ikea, where Don and MJ are still building. "We can do it, Don," she says. They've got a little bit to do yet, actually. Yipes.

Lena searches another hay bale. Kristy puts her hands on her head in frustration. Gus kicks over a hay bale. "There's no point in getting frustrated at this point," Hera says, "because there's nothing I can do about it. I just have to hope that he finds it soon." Exactly. There's no point in screaming at the person, not that I expect some of these people to get the message. Victoria continues looking for a clue, and Jonathan pretends to care whether she hurts herself. Owing to the Luck of the Evil, she gets a clue and they leave.

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