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Meanwhile, the train carrying the lead teams stops in Stockholm, and they get out, staying together while they look for the boat. And they don't show it, but do you know how they picked who would land on the mat first? Rock-paper-scissors. No, they did! It was on the Insider videos. It's really so much decency you can barely stand it. Initially, I thought My Favorite Team gave it up because they got the trip last time, but I guess they're not quite that nice. Nice shot of the hand sculpture sticking up out of the water, by the way. That was a big guy they drowned to make that. Anyway, Hayden and Aaron land on the mat first. They get to be team number one, and they win a cruise to Mexico. And the older captain type who greets them? Adorable. When he's done giving them the trip, Phil is like, "What's with these people patiently standing off the mat?" Heh. Kris and Jon step up and are team number two. They look ecstatic as they exchange a little kiss. Yay!

Kristy and Hera are watching their teammates in the hay bales. But then...there's Gus, and he's getting a clue. "Good job, Daddy," Hera says. They take off on the bike, as Kristy continues to pace.

Hornio comes up to the Roadblock, no Yield, blah. El Hornio takes the Roadblock. Here comes Nuance, pedaling up behind. No Yield for them, either. Freddy takes the Roadblock. Kristy cheers Lena on as the rain falls, which cannot make this task any more pleasant.

And back at Ikea, Don and MJ finish the desk at last. They laugh. "I love you," she says, and smooches him on the cheek. They hug, and she giggles. "I love you, too," he says. Aww. They rip the clue, and he says, "I hope this says, 'Go to the hospital.'" Heeeee hee, that was awesome. They take their clue and get in a cab, not ready to quit yet. When they get to the subway station, surprisingly, they overtake Lori and Bolo, so apparently, it took the rasslers a little time to find themselves a cab, or a little time to get there.

The rain pours down as Lena, El Hornio, and Freddy work in the field. Lena says that her hands are cut to shreds, and Kristy encourages her as well as she can, telling her to keep with it. Lena shoves another bale. El Hornio finds a clue and runs happily toward Rebecca. They pedal away.

In Stockholm, Spazpants and Gus and Hera get off the train. Spazpants takes off on foot, apparently, while Gus and Hera grab a bus. Spazpants continues to search the island where the boat is supposed to be, unable to find it. Gus and Hera, however, find that their bus pulls up right by the flag. They hop out and head straight to Phil. Welcome, Gus and Hera, you are team number three -- nice! Finally, having wandered around like goofballs for however long, Spazpants finally makes it to the mat. They're team number four. I'm trying to ignore them.

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