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Back at the field, Kristy is still filling Lena's head with lots of good thoughts. Kendra is also shouting encouragement to Freddy. And Freddy manages to find himself a clue. It is right around here that I begin to worry about Lena and Kristy. Dudes. Find that clue, okay? Because all that's behind you is Lori and Bolo and Don and MJ, and you really don't want to still be here when they get here. "It's easy to spot, Lena," Freddy calls as he leaves the field, I think genuinely trying to be helpful so she won't go through every strand of hay if she doesn't need to. Kristy tells us, after Nuance is gone, that she doesn't think she'd have been able to keep doing this as long as Lena already has. "It's just been a perfectly horrible day," she says. Aww.

At the mat, here comes Hornio. Team number five.

Aaaand off the train in Haggvik, here come Lori and Bolo and Don and MJ, getting onto their bikes. As they race, MJ laments, "If there's two people we should be racing against, it's two people with the most muscular legs in the world." Heh. Indeed, Lori and Bolo beat Don and MJ to the clue box and the Yield. And, surprisingly, they choose not to Yield Don and MJ, which I sort of don't understand, because...when you know you're second-to-last, that's probably as good a time as any. But anyway, when Don and MJ arrive, they're free to jump right into the Roadblock. Kristy tells Lena the unhappy news that these two teams have arrived. Bolo and Don tear into the field. Bolo, Don, and Lena keep clue-hunting. Don gets to coughing like he's not feeling well at all. Lena takes a minute to run over and chug from Kristy's water bottle. And as she does, Bolo finds a clue. I just cannot imagine how frustrating that must have been, seeing people come and go for hours on end. Bolo and Lori leave, so now, it's just Lena and Don, hunting through bales of hay.

Nuance lands on the mat as team number six.

Lena finishes her chug of water, gets a final hug, and goes back out to the hellish hay bales. Not aware, I don't think, of how long Lena has been out there, Don says, "Did you ever have a day that just, it's not your day?" Really, he has no way of knowing how incredibly lucky he is to have anyone to compete against at this point. Lena throws all of her body weight against the hay bale to make it roll. Aw. I really felt for her at this point -- she is used up. would think she was. And then...Don reaches into his bale of hay and pulls out a clue. "I can't believe this," Lena says miserably. Don and MJ ride off on the bike. "We have to pedal like we've never pedaled," he says.

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