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First to find their way into the hotel and get to the Icebar are Hayden and Aaron, who do seem to navigate pretty competently most of the time. They rip the clue, which tells them that they have to slide a shot glass made out of ice down the bar and get it to stop on a target. So it's vaguely shuffleboard-like. As we examine the winter gear that they'll have to wear into the bar, Phil explains that the nightclub is kept at "a chilling 23 degrees." And they're making them wear parkas? Ha ha ha...awesome. Because you do not need a shiny parka with a fur hood when it's 23 degrees. It's a nice visual, but if it's 23 degrees and you're not staying long, you barely need gloves, let alone something that looks like it was developed in an underground Gore-Tex lab for an attack on Antarctica. (Damn revolutionary penguins.) Anyway, Phil explains that only one of the two people on the team needs to hit the target in order to get the clue. If you miss, you go to the back of the line.

Just behind Hayden and Aaron are Kris and Jon and Nuance. Aaron's first attempt goes clean off the side of the bar. Hayden overshoots the target entirely. Kris and Jon's early luck isn't much better, as we see Kristy and Lena arrive, then Spazpants. And then Don and MJ, so perhaps Bolo wasn't as sure of where he was going as he thought. The teams are closed into the bar behind a fur-lined door. Oh, yeah, you heard me. A lot of missed shots follow at the bar. And then, here come Lori and Bolo and Hornio. Still outside, wandering the streets? Gus and Hera.

More people screw up the ice thing. First to get it right is Jon, and he puts some technique down, too, complete with proper follow-through and -- watch the glass go down the bar -- spin. So My Favorite Team is the first to get out of the Icebar. Woo! They read the next clue outside, and it tells them to go to a particular "neighborhood" -- which, because it's part of the phrase "neighborhood known as" in the clue, Jon initially tongue-twists as "no-borhood," which would be a great word to use for an area you live in but hate. ("They don't even have a decent coffee place in my no-borhood.") Anyway, in this neighborhood, they will find the world's biggest...Ikea. Oh, seriously? Come on. That's, like, the one piece of Swedish culture everyone in America has already seen. I find this an incredibly disappointing choice, because...Ikea? What are they going to do, find all the lamps featured on The Real World? This sucks. Interestingly, the "world's largest" Ikea doesn't look, in the aerial shot, that much different from the huge one that just went in near me. Anyway, they'll have to search the Ikea for their next clue. Maybe it will be near the incredibly culturally significant 200-thread-count sheet sets. In the taxi, Kris is all excited about what a great job Jon did with the shot glass.

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