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Gus and Hera continue searching. Next out of the Icebar are Lori and Bolo, after he lands on about a two-millimeter area of the target. Outside, Gus tells Hera he can't run a whole lot more. Inside, Don and MJ leave the Icebar next when he lands squarely on the target. Hee. See, now, this isn't bunching -- this is scrambling, which is different. Those in the lead had every chance to stay in the lead or give up the lead, depending on their success at the task. They just, in certain cases, didn't. Outside, Gus is unhappy. "What a time to be lost," he says miserably. Not that there's a great time to be lost during this particular game.

Commercials. I don't care what Lands' End [sic] says; your dog does not want a sweater for Christmas. He told me. He already doesn't like you. Get him a rawhide bone or he's running away.

When we come back, Gus and Hera are asking someone for the Nordic Sea Hotel where the Icebar is, and it appears that they are actually right in front of it. "It is here," says the guy, which is always what you hope your giver of directions will tell you. Sort of the racing version of "You're soaking in it." They go inside at last, queuing up while there are indeed still some folks left at the shot glass phase. There, Rebecca warms up, says, "Magic one!", and slides a glass right off the bar. Hey, not all magic is happy magic. Ask the next toad you see with a little crown on his head. Next to get out are Kristy and Lena, then Spazpants. Hayden and Aaron -- who, you'll remember, arrived first -- finally hit the target, leaving Freddy and Kendra, Hornio, and the just-arrived Gus and Hera. Hornio hits next. So it's Gus and Hera and Nuance now, even up at the Icebar. Gus is the next person to land it, so despite their navigation problems, Gus and Hera are only second-to-last out of the bar. But right behind them are Freddy and Kendra, after she finally gets the glass in place. The teams basically leave together, and in her taxi, Hera notes that she thinks the task was "all about patience," because they got out so quickly. I'm not sure that proves it's all about patience, but it might prove it's not random. Oh, and Freddy pronounces the name of the store in the clue "Eye-key-ay." I suspect they wrote it in all-caps, as it sometimes appears, so that might have been misleading. Maybe he thinks it's an acronym for International Knives, End tables, and Armoires.

Speaking of old Eye-key-ay, Kris and Jon are pulling up in first place, but when they investigate, they find that the doors are locked until 10:00 AM. Other teams arrive one by one, so it's a great big bunch outside the store, waiting for the morning. As a music guy toodles some tinkly music that reminds me of Mr. Rogers's Neighborhood, we see that all the teams are camping out for the night. Before you know it, it's morning, and they're all running in together. And up the escalator! Past the coffee tables! There is a lot of wandering in the store, as it isn't even entirely clear where the task is going to be found.

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