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The first to find the clue box is Hornio, with Bolo and Lori close behind. They grab the clue, which is a Detour. You know, with pros and cons. Here, they're choosing between two possible tasks "that might be assigned to an Ikea employee." Other than "keep the reality show contestants from breaking shit." The choice is, in fact, between Count It and Build It. In Count It, you go to a series of three bins and count all of the stuffed animals, pots and pans contained therein. You then get a total, and you turn it in. And how many items are there? There are 2304 items. So that's going to take a while, and it's got a lot of room for error. In Build It, you build a particleboard desk. My mother and I kick the ass of knock-together furniture, as we discovered when she helped me move into my Portland apartment. So if it were me and Mom, I'm just saying? We'd make the desk, and any parts that were left over, we would frown at and say, "Huh." Hornio and Lori and Bolo both head for Count It. El Hornio seems a little reluctant about the counting, but Rebecca snorts when he even suggests building the desk. Because you never give a screwdriver to a five-year-old. When Don and MJ get to the clue, she first suggests the desk, but he votes for the counting, and they wind up heading for that. Spazpants finds the clue after MJ points it out for them -- stop that, MJ! Jonathan wants Build It. "Assemble it, assemble it -- you're good at that!" he says. Now, how he would know that Victoria has special furniture-assembly skills is a bit of a mystery to me, but where Jonathan is concerned, I try to pace myself, puzzlement-wise. ["That he gave her credit for being good at something is even more puzzling." -- Sars]

Hayden -- whose collection of strappy tank tops rivals mid-run Joey Potter, but who shows a lot more boob than Ms. Katie Holmes ever did -- isn't sure which Detour to choose. Aaron leans toward the building, but when he runs into Nuance, those two teams decide to both go and count instead. Kris and Jon? Nope. They'll take the building, thank you very much. What I like about them is that they don't agonize; they just pick an option and go, which I think is probably smart. Lena and Kristy pick counting, too, but Gus and Hera head to Build It.

Lori and Bolo, still traveling with Hornio -- is this an alliance in development? -- are looking for the counting, which is supposedly located at a "marked area." "Right here, right here," he says, marching toward...nothing in particular. "That ain't a marked area!" she says in disbelief. "Okay, I was just looking," he says. Heeee hee. Oh, Bolo. That was what "right here, right here" meant, huh? Just "I want to look right here, right here"?

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