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Building appears to be easier. Kris and Jon are putting together the desk, and as he turns a screw, he makes a little power drill noise, which is pretty cute. Hayden bugs Aaron to hurry up, because Kris and Jon are catching up to them. Gus and Hera are plugging along nicely. Spazpants? Oh, they're freaking out, unsurprisingly. Jonathan says, "I don't know how to work with you right now." Let me guess: he's going to try screaming at some point. Did I get it right?

Lena and Kristy are having trouble, because Lena lost count and had no pen. Yeah, that's not good. You certainly don't do this without pen and paper. And then I think El Hornio jumps in and starts taking something Rebecca was counting, so they're screwed, too. Lori and Bolo have lost track of a number also, and wind up bickering over whose fault it is. Don and MJ finally find the counting. Oy. At least they seem to try the one-person-at-a-time method. Kris and Jon and Gus and Hera are both making nice progress. Lena and Kristy take to their "supervisor" a final answer of 1891. Nope. I think (and their post-game interviews suggested) that this is partly the result of not being sure how to count the pots and pans. Whatever mistake the girls made, it might be a similar mistake to whatever one Freddy and Kendra made, because Freddy and Kendra now guess 1872. With both of those teams, they're off by more than 400, and their guesses are only separated by 19, so I'm thinking maybe they made a similar misstep. Bolo and Lori have a totally different total, which is 1985. Lori is immediately onto the problem, which is that Bolo counted the packs of pans as one, rather than two. Sharp editing takes you straight from that comment to Don and MJ, whom you can see are throwing packs of pots and pans into a bin and doing the same thing -- counting each pack as one, rather than counting the individual items. Rebecca takes her supervisor a number, and hers is wrong, too. She tries to give herself a pep talk as she and El Hornio dive back into the bin of animals. "Okay, this is fun," she instructs her own reluctant brain. Speaking of reluctant brains, Bolo tries to add 259 and 38 in his head.

Over at Spazpants Junction, Victoria is talking about where the pegs go, and Jonathan suddenly screams, "Stop with the pegs!" Considering that Phil said they had to use every piece, it seems to me that she's pretty wise not to put the entire thing together and then figure out that the pegs go inside a joint she's already screwed together, so I don't know what his damn problem is -- not that I do usually. Somebody says, "Don't yell!" and the editing suggests it's Aaron, so that would be one point for him. In happier news, Kris and Jon show off their desk to the nice lady. "Pretty nice, huh?" he says proudly. Hee hee. She approves it and gives them their clue. You'll notice they weren't even first to start building the desk, but just as they've excelled at navigating and just about everything else, they kicked ass at that. They read the clue, which says that they have to take a train to the Haggvik station and ride a tandem bike two miles to a "rural farm" (that's what it's called on-screen -- "Rural Farm") where they will find a clue. They run for the entrance.

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