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Now, Kristy guesses 3168. Wow. Where'd that come from? They're over by more than 800. Something got counted multiple times, or else they overcompensated and decided that handles and pots had to be counted separately. Nuance comes achingly close with a guess from Freddy of 2309. So that time, it would appear that they did it right, they just had a couple of glitches. Gus and Hera have no glitches, however, as they finish putting their desk together. She voices over that she let her dad take the lead, so that they were like a surgeon and a nurse, because she didn't think both of them could lead. That may be right. And it works for them, because off they go, in second place. "They got their clue, Victoria," Jonathan spits at his wife. What's more, Hayden and Aaron are getting theirs, too. It would appear that the Spazpants Plan for World Domination has fallen on hard times.

Elsewhere, Kris and Jon are seeking subway directions. They decide to run rather than trying to get a taxi. Gus and Hera? Yeah, not so much. It's a taxi for them, all the way to the subway station. Hayden and Aaron want to run for it as well, so they're off.

Back at Counting Purgatory, Nuance guesses 2226, to which the lady does not say "Getting colder," but just tells them they're not right. "I can't count these again; I can't," Freddy says. MJ and Don predictably wind up way under, given what we've already seen, and their guess is 1805. Kristy, meanwhile, says that they just have to "zone everybody out" and count very carefully. We next see them go to the supervisor with...2304. "Is that your final answer?" the lady asks. Oh, Swedish game show humor, how droll you are. They confirm that this is their final answer. She produces the clue, and Kristy gives Lena a look of enormous shock and relief. Bolo and El Hornio, however, look unamused. Lena and Kristy manage to leave in fourth place -- ahead of Spazpants, which takes off next. "I love your country, every country," Jonathan says to the very, very cute man who gives him the clue. I'm sure the guy's like, "Glad you approve. Take a meatball. Go away." Outside, Lena and Kristy hop into a cab. Spazpants is right behind.

First to the subway station, logically, are Gus and Hera. Gus, again, looks very tired and can hardly breathe. That's just uncomfortable to watch, a little. Inside, they ask for tickets, but when they get there, they learn that the station doesn't take U.S. dollars, so they're going to have to change some money. Maybe they can change it into an oxygen tank. Kris and Jon are at the subway station next, then Hayden and Aaron. These teams exchange a friendly high-five. "Did you hear Jonathan screaming at Victoria?" Hayden says.

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