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In town, Megan and Heidi's driver takes a "shortcut." All three teams head for the pit stop. Running, running...and it's Megan and Heidi getting to the pit stop first. At this point, I turned to Trash and said, "Well, it's Ryan and Chuck, because it's not the POW, or they wouldn't have been promoting him so hard." And indeed, the next team to run up to the mat, with Ryan and Chuck literally steps behind them, are Ron and Kelly. And they're in second-to-last place, and Ryan and Chuck are in last place, and are Philiminated. Phil congratulates them on how hard they ran the leg, and says he's sorry to see them go, which I'm sure he is. Because they are entertaining. And then the boys both cry in their interview, talking about how much they adore each other.

Dear Ryan and Chuck: We throw a good party. Singing is optional. Smooches, Miss A.

Executive Producer? Jerry Bruckheimer.

Next week: Debbie and Bianca are bitches, apparently. Which doesn't come as any major surprise to me. But Rob winks, and that makes it all okay. Lynn and Alex confront some locals, who are -- you guessed it -- "bitches." Cool beans. Oh, and the recap will not be a zillion pages long, during a time when my two other shows are also running. Speaking of BITCHES.

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