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The Geeks arrive in third place, and Mark is taking it for them, just as Ken and his Cholita are doing the part of the routine where they turn on the ref and cooperate in flipping him over together. "One more time," the ref says. Meanwhile, Marisa is in her pink tights, and Mark is in his red ones (cutting a less-than-dashing figure with his belt riding up around his ribs), both of them struggling to learn the routine. And Ken is ready to go.

Inside the arena, the announcer whips up the crowd in anticipation of Ken's arrival. I mean, I assume that's what he's doing, since I don't understand much Spanish even when it's not filtered through a crummy PA system. Ken, comes out, working the crowd in a gold lame cape over his tights. "It's so funny to see him in that outfit!" Tina cackles to the camera. She's certainly taking this in the right spirit. The judge blows the whistle to start the match, and Ken and his Cholita execute the routine flawlessly, as a disembodied hand checks off the items on the list. Chest kick! Taunting (running around the ring in a circle and then jumping out between the ropes)! Re-entry (somersaulting back in through the ropes)! Duck & Flip (getting picked up by the knees and dropped flat on your back, then flipping the Cholita and pinning her)! Kicked (letting the referee stomp on your shoulder)! And finally, Slingshot (teaming up with the Cholita to flip the onrushing ref)! Through it all, Tina is watching and laughing, with Brooke and Bill equally entertained at her side. She's ever so proud of her husband, as he gets his clue in the ring and pants, "Travel by taxi to the Pit Stop!"

Phil directs the teams to Mitador El Monticulo. "Overlooking Illimani, one of the highest peaks in South America, this hilltop park is the Pit Stop for this leg of the race." Oh, and the last team to check in may be eliminated. Ken and Tina dash for their cab. She kind of wants to make out with him in the back, but he encourages the driver on. Plenty of time for that later; even more than they think.

En route to the arena, Terence and Sarah have spotted a red-and-yellow flag, and they stop their cabdriver so they can run over to investigate. But all they've done is interrupt a local football game. Nice job, guys. The checkerboard pattern on that flag instead of the usual striped one should have been a tip-off. Aja and Ty's driver is having car trouble, and they consider finding another taxi. And the Frat Boys (Dan now sporting his Cholita hat at a downright Adebisian angle)are hitting traffic, while the Siblings and Toni|Dallas are doing fine. Ty and Aja abandon their cab and hail a new one, not reading too much into the fact that they didn't see any other teams pass them. And Terence and Sarah also bail on their cab due to traffic. There's no way of knowing who will get there next, until we see that it's Toni and Dallas, who have made up a whole lot of ground since leaving the tree-cycles and are now in fourth. "Let's make up some serious time here," Dallas says. Obviously he's going to be doing this one for their team.

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