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Dan enters the ring and succeeds on his first try, so it looks like the Frat Boys are about to have their first front-of-pack finish. But then appearances can be deceiving (even if they're usually not, in Dan and Andrew's case). At the arena, Nick and Ty are fighting their Cholitas more or less simultaneously (and successfully), while Mark is still trying to fill his lungs. With five total teams already on their way to the pit stop, Mark finally relinquishes the mask and heads into the arena, where Bill is struggling to keep a smile on his face. Mark enters the ring looking like the poster child for head-rush, but at least this time he gets to "Duck & Flip" before biffing the routine. "That's when I started to worry, Bill understates as we go to commercial.

We return to the Geeks and their growing frustration, before rejoining Ken and Tina in their cab to the Pit Stop. Ken has pulled off his overshirt to reveal that he's still wearing his Captain Marvel tights under his clothes. They run to the mat, where Phil is standing next to a lovely young woman who...oh, gosh, where to start? She's wearing a light-colored Cholita hat, which appears to have a red poncho tucked underneath it in back. Atop the hat is an elaborate, umbrella-like assembly of feathers that looks like it was created to detect birdcalls from other galaxies. It's wide enough that Phil is sharing the shade it provides. "Hola! Welcome to Bolivia!" she says to Ken and Tina, who are nice enough not to make any wisecracks about her getup. Fortunately, I am not thus constrained. Phil tells them they're team number one, and they've won a seven-day trip for two to Cabo San Lucas. They thank Phil, and Ken interviews that the relationship is becoming "much more enjoyable." Which is good, since they've got a week in Cabo together somewhere in their future.

Back at the arena, Marisa and Mark are finally wrapping up the Road Block, with her a few seconds ahead. "Let's haul ass," Mark says. In the cab, he says, "It took me three times, but I did it successfully. I am a luchadore." Well, by that logic, I am a plumber. Sarah finishes up the task some time thereafter, and she and Terence rush off, she sparing Christy a quick "Bye" on their way out. Kelly finally enters the ring in yellow and green, as Christy says that she can only hope someone else got really lost. Kelly seems to be doing well so far as her match begins.

Meanwhile, the cabs carrying the Frat Boys and Team Long Distance are running into traffic en route to the Pit Stop, while Starr is encouraging their driver to "rapido" and go "sin trafico." Nick has apparently decided not to waste his breath trying to calm her down any more.

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