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In second place, Terence and Sarah missed that part of the clue, so they're hopping a cab with Ana Maria. Their Cholita is much nicer than Dan's, because it's currently covering Terence's hair.

A breathless pair of Geeks arrives at the clue and choose "Bumpy Ride." They also take a taxi, ignoring the musical cue that cries out, "Don't!" Even their camera swings away from them to point back into the hat shop, probably because it has a shitty poker face. The Belles arrive next, followed by Ken and Tina, with the former team choosing the bands and Tina choosing the bikes on her team's behalf. Next come Team Divorced, also choosing the bikes, as do Aja and Ty. The divorcees set off on foot, congratulating themselves on reading the entire clue for once.

Meanwhile, in Terence and Sarah's (and Ana Maria's) cab, Terence points out the "make your way on foot" portion of the clue to Sarah, and she raises the alarm. While in the Geeks' cab, they're thrilled with the performance of their cabbie. Who they're not supposed to have. Sarah insists on returning to the plaza, but Terence is warning her that it's a mistake to do so. Which tells you right there that it's the right thing to do. "I don't want to curse myself and say we're in first, but I think we're definitely doing well," Mark curses himself. Yeah, we don't normally go to commercial break on such a positive sentiment.

Upon our return, Nick and Starr arrive at the hat shop in eighth place and opt for Bumpy Ride. Same with Toni and Dallas, except replace "eighth" with "ninth." They start walking, there's a replay of Sarah unilaterally redirecting their cab to the hat shop, and Mark and Bill happily arrive first at the plaza with the waiting wood bikes, still blissfully unaware of how much they've screwed themselves. "I think we're in first," one of them remarks, really lubing it up and driving it home.

As for the lagging teams, Starr is fretting about the U-Turn (because Starr wouldn't be Starr without having something to fret about), and Toni is feeling the altitude, breathlessly second-guessing their decision to do the bikes. Dallas tries to keep her positive. Only he's a bit grumpy about it. Must be the altitude. Given their height differential, he's probably feeling it even more than she is.

Sarah is wisely sticking to her new and winning strategy of Not Listening To Terence as they and Ana Maria return to the hat shop and start walking to the bikes, loudly regretting their time- and money-wasting cab ride.

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