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Hell in High Water

Big Easy's still stuck after the ads, but he interviews that he thought, "What would Flight do? He'd stick with it and figure something out." As unlikely as it is that WWFTD will ever catch on as anything other than a mistyped URL for a floral distributor, Big Easy finally figures it out and opens the case. Flight Time tells him, "Don't worry about it, let's go," saying they'll catch the rest of the teams. He really doesn't seem worried about it at all, which is nice. On their way to the next clue, Big Easy blames himself, saying, "Talking about for the 'hood...the hood's mad at me now." I wouldn't want a 'hood mad at me, either.

Meghan and Cheyne are wrapping things up -- or so they think, as the camera zooms in on a little pile of leftover parts that Meghan thinks are "extra." This isn't a Lego set, Blondie.

"It should not be this hard," Brian says, now trying to solve for X with a new price of $928.50. He interviews about having to "find the formula," and he suggests switching to the hookahs. Ericka doesn't think so, so he gets back to it without any argument. "You're really smart at this kind of stuff," she says. Which I guess is why she's not helping. That would only confuse things.

Meghan and Cheyne call for a check of their work, and the local who's judging the task looks over their twelve hookahs-- and their half-dozen leftover parts on the edge of their rug -- and shakes his head. Meghan reacts with a predictable level of equanimity (i.e., none).

"I am much better at spending money than counting and keeping it," Ericka says, trying to get me in trouble with gender stereotypes instead of racial ones tonight. She does keep me on my toes, switching it up like that. Maybe next time she'll come at me with dated tropes about Floridians and people who wear yellow. "I'm sure glad I married up," she says as she helps him load the scale, which is a surprisingly modest thing for a former Miss America to say. Satisfied, Brian rings the little bell and calls over the gold merchant to have a look. He's got both a rotten poker face, but still takes his time shaking his head no. "How much longer you want to do this?" Brian asks Ericka mildly as he gets ready for another crack at it. She doesn't answer, but maybe a good time frame would be as long as it takes to figure out the right amount of gold for every possible price level.

Matt wants to build hookahs. As they wait for their water taxi to depart, Matt explains to Gary what a hookah is. "We used to call it something else," Gary chuckles. Hey, don't be shy about drawing on Matt's experience back in Montana building bongs out of tractor parts.

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