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Hell in High Water

Meghan thinks their problem is that they have a couple of the tongs in the wrong trays, but even after switching them, they still have leftover parts. "Fudge," Cheyne mutters when they get another head-shake. Meghan thinks it's "close enough," and Cheyne tells her to settle down. That's a really healthy dynamic they've got going. They'd better pull it together soon, or they're in danger of actually seeing another team for the first time since Burj Dubai.

Brian and Ericka are ready for another try. "This guy's got a heart of gold," Ericka says of her husband in their post-leg interview. "Too bad he doesn't know how to count it." And then she gives the kind of belly laugh that makes me want to cut her some slack for being about as helpful during this task as I am, watching it months later on the other side of the world. On their second try, the judge shrugs and says, "Sorry, guys." Of course there's no way to tell how far off they are, but I'm pretty sure they're off the five-thousand-ounces path, unless 312 pounds of gold is a lot smaller than I think it is. Whatever the case, they decide to ditch it in favor of the hookahs.

Meghan and Cheyne might have had a breakthrough, as Cheyne has spotted the "extra" pieces and begun wondering if they might not be included for some specific purpose after all. Meghan runs over to look for that part on one of the guide hookahs, and realizes they do indeed need a washer beneath the plate. Cheyne gets right to work taking one apart. "Listen. To. Me," she says. "Well, if you would show me," he grumps back. This is what having a lead of less than an hour does to people. Although, to be honest, I have my doubts about whether the other teams are really as close behind as the editing makes it seem. They get the last few pieces in place and get the thumbs-up, and their clue. Still in first. Obviously. "Make your way to Aquaventure," the clue begins.

But according to Phil and the subtitles on the screen, they're going to "Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai." An overhead shot of a sprawling water park accompanies Phil's narration that they need to find the "Leap of Faith," a water slide that Phil describes as "a six-story plunge at a nearly 90-degree angle through a shark tank." Oh, Mika's going to love this. Maybe she has a love for sharks that will overcome her phobias. The next clue box is waiting in the shallow end of the pool at the bottom of the slide. Meghan and Cheyne are on their way. "That was so stressful," Meghan says in their cab. I wonder if she could grade exactly how stressful that was by giving us a number on a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 equals maximum stress and 9 equals her standard stress level.

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