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Hell in High Water

The Globetrotters are in the midst of loading their scale when the price changes from $928.50 to $934.75. At least they don't have to start from scratch every time. If they were done, they should just be able to scoop off 3.600882 ounces and call it good. One other thing: does anyone else notice how the same prices keep popping up over and over? And that the judges seem to be able to tell if it's wrong or right at a glance, as though they have a conversion chart in their heads? I'd suspect the numbers of being fake, but if that were the case the price would be shuttling within a few cents of a thousand dollars per ounce so as not to make it too hard.

Mika is now helping out with the hookah-building, probably invigorated by having rolled her pants all the way up. They actually get it on the first try. "Take a leap of faith to receive your next clue," Canaan excitedly reads to Mika, like this is great news. Have they met? In their taxi, she says worriedly, "This is going to be like some kind of crazy ride or something?" "Just jump off something," he breezes, obliviously draining his bottle of vitamin water. She looks at him for some kind of emotional support. It's like looking into the abyss itself.

And now we flash back to Cai Be, Vietnam, where we learned that Mika has a fear of water. And to Burj Dubai, when we learned about her fear of heights. So if this were a water slide that you had to run down, this would pretty much be her perfect storm. "Just feel like pukin'," she tells Canaan in real time. We don't hear his response, so as far as we know, he tells her to do it out the window.

Gary and Matt do the water slide, and Gary says the water felt good after the heat. "It doesn't get any better!" he dorks happily to Matt in the pool at the bottom. Well, they could be a higher rank than fifth when they get to the mat. That would be better.

Canaan reminds Mika that she brought her "floaties." Excuse me? He adds, "You have to do it." They get out of the cab and head up to the Leap of Faith, and the next we see of them is Canaan marching impatiently up to the top of the slide, ordering Mika, "Hold my hand." Stamping her foot and wearing inflatable armbands, Mika says, "Don't tell me what to do." Between those three things, she's not exactly creating the image of a grown-ass woman. He's got no patience for her, and snaps, "We're not losing this race because of this. Get your butt on the slide. Let's go." Well, look who's the big daddy.

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