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Hell in High Water

Meghan and Cheyne are already sweating by the time they reach the yacht club, and ask their taxi to wait while they run onto the grounds with their briefcase. The clue box is easy to find, next to a fleet of very small inflatable rowboats. We're at a Road Block already, and Phil narrates that one person will have to row an inflatable dinghy out to a yacht anchored a few hundred yards off the dock. This really shouldn't have the Faux-Bond music, because there's no way that even 007 could look cool in that little tiny boat, even without the giant orange lifejackets they'll all have to wear. On the aft deck of the yacht, a "sheik" will give them a watch, which according to Phil is "following the Arab custom of hospitality." Is that the real custom? That sounds more to me like a custom of passive-aggression, the message being, "You're late again." But then most of what I know about other cultures is what I learn from this show, so don't listen to me. Then the person doing the Road Block will row back to the dock and open the briefcase. The combination to the briefcase is the time on the watch, which is set at 8:35. And their next clue is, naturally, inside the case. Cheyne's ready to do this one. In a post-leg interview set in front of some kind of giant fish tank (as almost all of this episode's interviews are, because it's so damn exotic), Cheyne says he has some experience boating. As he rows out, he calls back to Meghan, "Bye! You love me?" She just laughs uncomfortably and looks away. Which I'm sure means nothing. Hey, you know how he always has to pretty much wrestle her into submission to get a kiss? I don't know why I thought of that just now.

Brian and Ericka are leaving at 9:59 AM, which tells us that Meghan and Cheyne's Fast Forward last week made a big difference. Almost two hours, in fact. Brian jokes that second place is "first runner-up" to Ericka. Whose hair is looking pretty fancy for someone who's about to spend a day racing around in a scorching desert climate. "I start off with makeup and good hair," she explains before the beginning of the leg. "By the end of the day, it's all melted off and it's a mess. But you gotta start fresh and clean. You got to try." Especially if you're on TV. In their taxi, Brian says they haven't enjoyed being in the back, and they want to stay in front. I don't know what he's talking about; they've had plenty of good legs, while we've got a whole crew of chronic stragglers who haven't even shown up yet in this episode.

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