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Hell in High Water

"Row, row, row your boat gently down Dubai," Cheyne sings, as Meghan stands on a shaded veranda, watching him battle the current and the wind out to the yacht. "Barely moving," she says. You'll never believe this, but she's kind of stressed out.

Flight Time and Big Easy are leaving in third place at 10:42 AM. In their taxi, "Sweet Georgia Brown" gets cued up for the first time in a few weeks as Big Easy soliloquizes about how hot it is. "I'm just gonna keep saying the word 'hot' because it's hot," he concludes. A speech is nothing without a powerful conclusion..

Cheyne reaches the yacht, and a couple of guys help him up from the swim platform. In the shade of the aft deck, that "sheik" in shades and plain white clothing wordlessly presents him with the watch in its case. He thanks them, and casts back off. Hurry, the watch is ticking! Okay, actually it isn't. Although I think it would be awesome if the first thing everyone did when they got their watch was set it to the correct time.

Gary and Matt are leaving at 10:45, in fourth place. On their way to the taxi with their briefcase, Gary jokes that it should be handcuffed to their wrists. Matt interviews that this is "the longest we've ever been together in my entire life, and it's been going really well." Even if Matt keeps saying things like that? And apparently the same appearance-conscious producer who interviewed Ericka earlier has also noticed that Matt's sideburns are touched up, because he admits that he brought some hair dye along for a touch-up. Are roots really an issue when you're never seen without a green bandanna around your hairline? "I never thought I'd ever be helping my son dye his hair, but we are getting very close on this trip," Gary adds, chuckling as though he made sure the carpet matched the drapes.

Cheyne gets back to the dock, meets up with Meghan, and sees that his new watch reads 8:35. They quickly get the briefcase open with the combination 835, and they have their next clue. That tells them to take a cab to Abra Station, which Phil tells us is "a water taxi port in the old Souk section of Dubai." There's an old section of Dubai? Wouldn't that just be the ocean of sand dunes? Meghan's ready to go, but Cheyne wants to put his socks and shoes back on first, refusing to do it in the car as Meghan suggests. "It's gonna take me two seconds," he says. "Time's up," she says, 1.74 seconds later. Yes, I timed it. In their cab, Cheyne says the boat will be a challenge for some teams, since the rowing wasn't easy for him. He doesn't know the half of it.

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