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Hell in High Water

Brian and Ericka arrive at the marina, and Brian takes the Road Block. "This one does not do water," he says of his wife, who appears to have a growing list of things she does not do. She'd better get them eliminated soon or else she's going to have to do another Road Block at some point. But then Brian gets in the boat and immediately starts struggling with the oars. "He's strong, he can do it," Ericka tells herself from the viewing area. I don't think strength is the issue. A bull is even stronger, but I don't think it could row an inflatable dinghy much better than Brian can.

Sam and Dan are leaving at 11:43, in fifth place. They interview that they're "still working really closely with Maria and Tiffany." Dan claims it's working to their advantage: they get help when they need it, and if it comes down to a footrace, they can outrun them. That's one of those theories that gets tested on the same night it's voiced, just so you know. In fact, Sam thinks the only team they can't outrun is the Globetrotters. "We're sick of them doing well. We want them out," Sam says. Wishing ill on Harlem Globetrotters? Do these two want America to hate them? In the taxi, we get an interesting insight into how Sam's brain is wired when it goes right from "maybe we'll have to ride on a yacht" to "Maybe we'll be in a music video." Hard to believe the poker chicks haven't caught on yet.

Ericka is still acting as Brian's cheering section, telling us, "He likes a lot of encouragement. He's so cute." He's on the boat and in possession of an expensive new watch, too, which makes just about anyone cuter.

The Globetrotters' taxi has dropped them off at the entirely wrong place. "This is Dubai Marina Yacht Club," one of the polo-shirted doormen out front tells them. They get back in their cab, yell at their driver a bit, and get back on course, rubbing their heads as though that will make the cab go faster.

Brian gets back to the dock, and they get their case open as quickly as Meghan and Cheyne did. Except Brian seems to have opened a small blister on his left thumb from the rowing. Or maybe he just pinched himself in the oarlocks, given the grace with which he was handling that little boat. "Just a rowing injury," he assures us in their taxi en route to the next clue. "Mama's got you, though," Ericka says. "Got" in this sense means "Give a Kleenex to." Clearly Ericka doesn't do first aid, either.

Big Easy is sure they're in last place now. "We can't even stop to drink water," Big Easy says. "You get thirsty, drink your sweat." We could do without Flight Time's demonstration, though. There are few occasions where slurping is appropriate, and this is not one of them.

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