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Hell in High Water

Meghan and Cheyne arrive at the market and quickly find the Glass Detour. They pry open a crate, making sure to pick one that's in the shade, and start unloading it, putting the pieces on their rug and the straw to one side. They have a lot of pieces when they're done. In fact, if I had to estimate, I'd guess there are the number of pieces in a hookah times twelve. They check out the completed ones set out as guides ones and start uncertainly assembling. "It's kind of tough," Cheyne says. "These all look..." "Identical," Meghan says. "Different," Cheyne says at the same time. That is not a good sign. Also not a good sign? Meghan asks how something goes together and he snaps, "Relax. You're freaking out." Helpful. Nice how he gets to play the mellow, laid-back one when he can just blame any frustration he may be experiencing on Meghan. That works out well for him.

Ericka's feeling the pain of driving through these market areas without being able to stop and shop. They get their detour clue at Abra Station and agree, "Go for Gold." Well, when they put it that way, what else were they going to pick?

"Way to go, baby! Swim out there!" Flight Time calls out to Big Easy. You'd think that would be unhelpful encouragement, but in fact Big Easy has abandoned the use of the oars entirely and is simply using his hands. Which aren't much smaller than the oar paddles anyway, so he's making good progress. "You're going down in history as the biggest man ever in a lifeboat made for a five-year-old!" A five-year-old could probably row it better.

Sam and Dan are now arriving, and this is the first time any teams have actually met each other this whole leg. I guess this is what happens when everybody doesn't start the leg by all getting on the same plane. Dan is like, "Should I do it?" nearly having a panic attack when Sam doesn't answer fast enough for his liking, but he ends up taking it. Dan gets in his dinghy and starts hand-paddling Big Easy-style. "He looks ridiculous right now," Sam laughs. Which is true. Part of it is the fact that he's wearing sunglasses and a deadpan "look how awesome I am at this" expression. James Bond, not so much. Meanwhile, Big Easy boards the yacht.

Way up ahead at the Glass Detour, Meghan is getting frustrated, even when Cheyne tells her not to. "Meghan got really flustered partway through and that's just how she is," Cheyne says after the fact. Meghan nods like this is something she has to work on by herself, because apparently Cheyne's James-Franco-in-Pineapple-Express eyes have her totally convinced that he wouldn't have an uptight bone in his body if not for her.

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