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Ericka and Brian find the mall that contains the gold shop, she remarking, "I don't know a lot about gold, but I do like to wear it." Once they locate the shop and find themselves at a counter covered with all sizes of gold ingots and coins (shiny!), Brian announces, "Math time!" He sees the price of $934.75 up on the screen, and figures they have to come up with $500,000 based on that. "This is going to be some tricky math," he says, getting ready to execute some long division with a pencil and paper. Which, admittedly, is not how I'd want to do this, working with a three-digit number that has two decimal places. But we'll soon see that's not their only obstacle.

Dan gets his watch as Big Easy is on his way back, now lying on his stomach like Gary but still paddling with his hands, forward-crawl style. "Do it for the hood!" Flight Time cheers him on. "Do it for the suburbs, Dan!" Sam calls in response. Big Easy reaches the dock and rolls up onto it with his dinghy on top of him somehow, the very picture of grace. Especially with his pants slipping down as he heads up the dock to meet up with his partner. "Pull up your underwear!" Flight Time calls down. "Forget 'em! For the 'hood, remember?" Big Easy yells in response. Nice callback.

Maria and Tiffany have arrived at the dock. "It might be physical, you're faster," Maria understates, demonstrating a continued affinity for Road Blocks that rivals Ericka's. Looks like it's up to Tiffany again. Dan is back on dry land by now, and Big Easy is closely examining his watch. " that a two?" As he fails to get his case open with a combination of 872, we hear him interview that he thought the code was the number the small hand was pointing to, the number the big hand was pointing to, and whatever was in the tiny little date window. To be fair, a real analog 8:35 would have the hour hand about halfway between the eight and the nine, not smack on the eight like it is here. As Flight Time tries to offer advice, Dan gets his case right open, so he and Sam have got their clue in fourth place and are on their way. "Like we said, we wanted to finish early and have the Globetrotters eliminated," Sam says in their cab. I think they're getting a bit ahead of themselves. Again. Flight Time gives an increasingly frustrated Big Easy encouragement. And Tiffany turns out to know how to handle a rowboat better than anyone we've seen so far. "Woo hoo on my rowing skills," she interviews. I have to give that to her. Along with the watch she just got.

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