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Ken and Tina find the floating tailor shop, and secure their doll. On their way out, Tina mutters, "I almost said karate chop, but that's Chi--" fortunately her comment is cut off when she bumps her head on a metal support, but the Amazing Foley Guys drop a reverberating gong sound effect in there anyway. And I think it was a Japanese gong, too, just for good measure.

Terence and Sarah are learning that there's water in their engine, and it's going to take ten minutes to fix. Well, that doesn't sound so bad. Except that Ty and Aja appear to be arriving at the harbor, still staying positive. Terence's finger-crossing appears to work, because their engine squirts out some more water and roars to life. Now they can get back to polluting the lake.

The Siblings and Toni|Dallas are discovering that fishing this way is hard, while Ken and Tina are on their way to the dentist. Ken barely makes the leap from the boat to the narrow sill of the floating building with the big red-and-white teeth painted on the sign. Inside, an actual dentist appears to be actually working on a patient's actual teeth, and it's looking like an all-day project, if you know what I mean. Tina ducks in, grabs a pair of the novelty chatterers, and goes on her way. Nick and Starr are finishing getting their fish traps aboard their boat, just as Toni and Dallas realize that one of the traps they grabbed is empty and they have to go back. Dallas interviews about how proud he is of her: "She will go into any situation and just get things done, while I whine like a bitch about mud and water moccasins or what have you." Except that last part. Soon, they're both safely back on their boat with their payload.

Ken and Tina reach the floating basketball court, which is a remarkable structure. Like all the other buildings in this aquatic neighborhood, it's built on a foundation of pontoons. But this one is more or less open to the air like a proper basketball court, except it has a roof and a floor-to-ceiling chain-link fence going all the way around it. Now that's a good idea. I bet local basketball games were either a lot shorter or a lot wetter before they put that in. As Ken and Tina disembark, they're spotted by Terence and Sarah, who decide to hit that location first, since they already know where it is. Inside, Ken quickly gets a basket, but Tina needs a few attempts to make hers, which Nick and Starr observe as their boat motors past on their way back to the harbor for their clue. Terence and Sarah also board the court, and they're spotted by Team Divorced. "Oh, you have to play basketball," they decide. Don't get ahead of yourselves, gi-- oh, why do I bother? Terence and Sarah both get their baskets (which it seems you can shoot from anywhere on the court) before Tina gets hers, but they overhear that the older couple is already heading back to the harbor, while they still need their teeth and doll.

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